A twenty-year relationship with Mid Sweden University

It started in 1991 when, with butterflies in my stomach, I stepped into Vesthagen as a student at the then University of Sundsvall. I would become an information officer. After three fantastic years, there was a short separation when I stepped out into working life.

Kicki Strandh

However, we kept in touch and met a little bit now and then, the university and I. I guest lecture at least once a year, participated in the industry council, participated as lecturer in the conference Communicare and more. We enjoyed it quite well together we noticed and the mutual stuff continued. In 2009 I started working at MKV as an assistant professor at half time. In addition to teaching primarily on a web editor training, I participated in a research project on social intranet.

Once, however, it was running out between us. It was 2012 when I worked as a consultant for another employer on the second half. It was difficult to maintain two good conditions and I realized that I needed to choose. I chose the consulting service but then it turned up. The ad where Mid Sweden University sought a communications manager.
Mid-university and my relationship become deeper every day. Sure, it goes up and down but every day I learn something new and the excitement and sparkle are very much left.

Kicki Strandh, student 1991-1994, alumni 1994-, MKV employees 2009-2012, head of communications 2012-