Intensive Courses in Swedish Very Popular | 2005 |

Eat, sleep and breathe svenska (Swedish).” This describes the very essence of the intensive course in Swedish that was held at Mid Sweden University for several years. The course was a part of the Erasmus Intensive Language Courses.


The intensive course had a personal touch and was very popular. Among other things, the participants stayed at a boarding school, tried fermented herring and visited a Swedish farm. Large parts of the course were also held in the university language lab, where the students, among other things, could listen to their own Swedish sound curve and see how it improved. The result was that they both learned the language and gained insight into our culture.

– The course teacher was Peter Åhl and he was personally responsible for at least 50 per cent of the course’s popularity. He was able to fill the students with enthusias and he was a killed pedagogue who made the studentsm challenge themselves, recounts Cathrine Gladh, International Coordinator at the Faculty of Science, Technology and Media.