Joachim Sjövall Sees Mid Sweden University as a Natural Part of the Region

While time is certainly a diffuse concept, its ten years as a full university makes Mid Sweden University a young university by Swedish standards.

Joachim Sjövall

Even though its activities reach back further, the youthfulness is still noticeable in many ways, and therein lies one of the greatest challenges for Mid Sweden University’s continued growth, according to Joachim Sjövall, who was the President of the Student Union in Sundsvall between 2011 and 2014.

– Mid Sweden University is located in a region that does not yet fully consider Sundsvall and Östersund as university towns. Tradition, geography and a strong basic industry are some of the main reasons for this. Regardless, there is something liberating about the fact that Mid Sweden University has just begun its journey as a full university. At this stage, there is a great opportunity for becoming a firmly established part of the region and its market.

– During the ten years that have passed, a solid foundation has been laid for taking the next step of development and becoming one with the region. With research centres in tourism and sports technology, to mention two profile areas, I have a strong hope that over the years to come, Mid Sweden University will become an actor with an increasingly strong profile in the region, by continuing to adapt to the climate of Mid Sweden – from the mountains to the coast.

A university is an incredible resource for its surrounding areas and I hope that in parallel with the traditional academy, it will further shoulder the role as a kind of hothouse, where the existing industry will be able to turn and where small and medium-sized companies can grow through the creative minds of the students.

– I think the word that I’m looking for is “natural”. It would be somewhat of a dream to see Mid Sweden University become a natural actor for the region – where students with entrepreneurial ambitions will consider it a matter of course that this is the place to develop one’s ideas into complete products, and that the different industries and companies will feel it is only natural to turn to the university with their various projects. Congratulations on the first ten years and good luck in the future!