Kim Anderzon is one of five new honorary doctors | 2012 |

Kim Anderzon was - and still is - one of the country's most popular actresses. At the 2012 anniversary, she was appointed honorary doctor at Mid Sweden University. Other doctorate hats that year received artist Helen Sjöholm, former governor Börje Hörnlund, Bengt Olov Larsson and Elisabeth Bergendal-Stenberg.

The honorary doctors are appointed by Mid Sweden University's two faculty boards, and one is mainly looking for people in our vicinity who, in various ways, embody the university's value words, utility, closeness and curiosity.
From the motivation for Kim Anderzon: "She combines natural power and intellectual analysis and is able to, with physical plasticity, mimic talent and comic, emphasize the deepest seriousness in humor, the existential bottom of everyday issues. Here is an obvious folk-educational ambition ”.

Unfortunately, Kim Anderzon went away in 2014. Helen Sjöholm sang at her funeral.