Mid Sweden University is Awarded Knowledge Foundation Environment Status | 2011 |

Finally! After a two-year qualification process, Mid Sweden University has been selected to be a Knowledge Foundation environment. Mid Sweden University is one of three higher education institutions in the country that have been selected.


This means that the Knowledge Foundation will invest money in two of our profiled areas of research during a period of ten years. These are Forest as a Resource (FSCN) and Industrial IT and Digital Services (STC), whose work is focused on promoting renewal and innovation in the forest industry and the IT sector.

– Being a Knowledge Foundation environment is largely about giving and taking. During these first two years, we have primarily worked on creating routines and finding our role in our collaboration with the Knowledge Foundation, says Professor Hans-Erik Nilsson.

The Knowledge Foundation is a research financier with the task of developing the research at the new universities and university colleges, thereby strengthening Sweden’s position as a nation of knowledge. Among other things, being selected means that Mid Sweden University will be given the confidence of managing the review process for applications to the Knowledge Foundation in our two fields of research.

– The Knowledge Foundation finances a portfolio of strategic research efforts with the purpose of developing a strong, profiled research and collaboration environment at Mid Sweden University. The research efforts are based on long-term strategies for the development of the research environment, as well as the three-year goals that determine short-term priorities. Before the Knowledge Foundation makes any decision about the research efforts, the portfolio is assessed from a strategic point of view by an external panel of experts, says Hans-Erik.

Since being selected in 2011, Mid Sweden University has received between SEK 20 and 30 million per year.