Mid Sweden University is Granted the Right to Educate Head Teachers and Preschool Heads | 2012 |

In October of 2014, Mid Sweden University received the happy news that we would be one of six universities with the right to offer the National School Leadership Training Programme.


The National Agency for Education was commissioned by the Government to select the universities that would be granted the right to educate Head teachers and Preschool heads during the period 2015-2021. After an application procedure and an expert assessment, six universities were selected – and Mid Sweden University was one of them.

The first term of the National School Leadership Training Programme at Mid Sweden University will begin in the autumn of 2015. It will be one of the biggest contracts that Mid Sweden University has received in contract education. The programme is open to all Head teachers and Preschool heads in Sweden.

The other five universities to offer the programme are Umeå University, Uppsala University, Stockholm University, Karlstad University and the University of Gothenburg.