– Not all ideas result in a company. It is just as important that the researchers and students develop as entrepreneurs, and that they learn to let loose their drive and creativity, says Juliana Wettersten, innovation adviser at Miun Innovation, which was founded in 2009.

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The intended purpose of Miun Innovation is to support, stimulate and utilize research, that is to say to ensure that the research results are used. It may be in the form of a product or a service in a new or existing Company.

But not just researchers are welcome at Miun Innovation. Students come here, too, to get help to concretize a business idea or to start a company – which should be connected to the students’ studies.

Examples of companies that are a result of Miun Innovation’s work are:

Chemseq – has developed a technology to purify water of metals and waste and to recover valuable metals.

Kriskonsulterna – supports companies and organizations in their work with crisis management, and offers lectures and training in preventive crisis management.

No Gadget Design – a consulting agency in design and communication with care for people and the environment.