Sweden's largest research project on outdoor recreation is completed | 2013 |

46% of Swedes have access to a pair of hiking boots. Virtually everyone cares about the public right. And we spend 100 billion (!) A year on outdoor activities. It and much more came to light at Sweden's largest research project on outdoor recreation so far.


Now we have on our feet that the Swedes like their outdoor life. Then one can summarize the results of the research project Outdoor life in change that lasted 2006-2010. Project leader was Professor Peter Fredman at ETOUR Tourism Research Institute at Mid Sweden University.

- Outdoor life in change had the task of developing basic knowledge of the Swedes' outdoor habits in order to contribute to the development of both outdoor life and nature tourism in Sweden, says the project's informant Anders Mossing.

The program began with a comprehensive survey of over 4000 people to find out what the Swedes think about outdoor life. With the survey results as a starting point, 15 researchers from seven universities continued to work in different research areas.

What did you come up with to a large extent? Well, the outdoor practice differs between different groups in society: the elderly are more than younger, women more than men, high income more than low-income people and people with Western origin more than people with and non-western background. The result of the research project can be summarized with six new doctors, 177 scientific publications, 6 conferences, 40 seminars, a number of debate articles among others DN and Svenska Dagbladet… And finally a book. The research program was financed by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the results can be found at www.friluftsforskning.se