Teacher Student Receives a Warning for Baking | 1849 |

Teacher salaries seem to have been as hot a topic 150 years ago as it is today. An enterprising teacher was reprimanded for having baked bread on the side in order to supplement his salary as a teacher.


In 1849, the teacher seminar and the nautical school moved into the same premises as the new elementary school on Hofsgatan in Härnösand. Having the elementary school and the seminar in the same building might have been a good solution in a functioning educational system. However, great difficulties arose since the elementary school teacher could not manage his tasks. The reason was that he needed to supplement his low teacher salary with an extra income, and that is why he also worked as a baker. The teacher received a warning through the Bishop from the Board of education. He was reprimanded for having run a baking business. Maybe the baking became more important to him than his calling as a teacher?