The Roof Blows off Campus Östersund | 2007 |

At 07.02 a.m. on 11 April, Thomas Fuchs telephone starts ringing. He is at home in his bathroom. “The roof is blowing off the library,” says the man on the other end. 17 minutes later, Thomas is on the spot.


In the early spring of 2007, a severe storm rolled in over Jämtland and hit Campus Östersund extra hard. The strong wind lifted the roof beams of the library building – and the whole roof blew off.

– When I got there, there was a lot of activity and it was all very dramatic. Sheets of metal, isolation and roofing membrane were flying through the air. It was fortunate that it was so early in the morning, so no one was harmed, says Thomas, Manager at A4 Campus.

The area was sealed off and the roof was covered with tarpaulin. Immediately afterwards, an investigation began which revealed construction errors in the roof.

By the end of the summer, the new roof was in place.