The Teacher Education Begins in | 1842 |

Härnösand and Mid Sweden University have a long educational heritage, which goes as far back as 1842. In the beginning, the teacher education lasted for one year, but five years later, it was extended to three years.


According to the Elementary School Statute of 1842, every child in the country should receive school teaching and in every diocesan capital, there should be a seminar for those who wanted to devote themselves to teaching in elementary school. In Härnösand, the cathedral chapter employed the priest Carl Sundberg as the Head and only teacher at the training college. Initially, the education lasted only one year, but in 1861, it became two years and five years later, it became three years. Seven students graduated in the first batch of teachers and they had to take both a theoretical and practical exams. Teaching was considered a calling and up until 1945, the graduates were ordained teachers in the cathedral.