The Work Unit in Örnsköldsvik is Given Campus Status | 1999 |

During 1999-2007 Örnsköldsvik received the status of campus and Mid Sweden University was described as having four campuses. Aside from the nursing college activities, a work unit had existed in Örnsköldsvik ever since 1987.


Apart from the nursing programme, Mid Sweden University offered programmes and courses in technology and economics in Örnsköldsvik, such as the service technician and production accountant programmes, as well as the ones in digital media technology, which had strong connections with the research in that field. Around the turn of the century, there were around 500 students studying in Örnsköldsvik. But in 2003, the university college board decided to close down all regular programmes and courses in the field of natural sciences and technology and in 2004, they decided that the nursing programmes would be transferred to Umeå University as from the autumn of 2007.

Mid Sweden University still conducts some research activities in Örnsköldsvik, within the framework of DPC, Digital Printing Center.