Mid Sweden University is a meeting place for knowledge, cooperation and new ideas. This means fantastic opportunities - and important choices. With this strategy, we shape our view of ourselves, the world, the present and the future.

Studiesituation, A-huset/Grönborg, Sundsvall

Mid Sweden University is a global university with a regional commitment where we do research and educate for life. Our work leads to increased attractiveness, relevance and quality, as well as a sustainable development.


1. Our academic environments are strong and take on global challenges

  • Strengthen and visualize the connection between research and education
  • Develop the strategic brand recognition in terms of profile areas; strong and well-known research and educational areas
  • Develop our interdisciplinary working methods to promote the development and distribution of knowledge

 2. Our activities on the global arena fuels and contributes to the development of the region

  • Increase and develop our cooperations on an internal, regional, national and international level
  • Strengthen current, and develop new international exchanges and research cooperations
  • Increase the integration of sustainable development in education, research and cooperations

 3. Our research and education make knowledge accessible for more people and throughout life

  • Be nationally leading and internationally prominent in the development and quality of flexible education and technology enhanced learning
  • Be known for our commitment and quality in terms of lifelong learning
  • Make use of and develop the opportunities digitalization offers

 4. Our study and working environment attract students and employees who contribute to a global and regional development

  • Increase our international, national and regional attractiveness
  • Strengthen and develop active leadership and employeeship
  • Strengthen and develop our digital study and working environment