Disputation i omvårdnad med Supaporn Voraroon

Thu 24 Nov 10.00–12.00
Campus Sundsvall, Room E409

Welcome to join when Supaporn Voraroon defends her thesis "Participation in shareholding networks for the care of older persons in rural Thailand – Older persons’ and relatives’ experiences".

Disputation i omvårdnad med Supaporn Voraroon


The aim of this thesis was to explore how older persons and family caregivers experience taking part in shareholding networks related to health promotion activities for older people in rural areas in Thailand.

Participants experienced benefits when they participated in shareholding networks for the care of older people in rural areas. Participation improved their health, increased their independence and their self-care ability, as well as strengthened their feelings of dignity.

Health professionals should initiate a dialogue with shareholding participants to develop a cooperating model of care focusing on the participants` needs. Healthcare must be based on shared understandings and reflections on existential issues such as identity, trust, self-confidence, and dignity.


Main supervisor: Ove Hellzén

Co-supervisors: Ingela Enmarker, Yoawaluck Meebunmak, and Siri Andreassen Devik


Professor Frode Fadnes Jacobsen, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

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