Monday 27th of May

08.30-09.15 Registration
09.15-09.30 Welcome adress
09.30-10.30 Keynote speaker - Dr. Magnus Frodigh, Ericsson Research
10.30-11.00 Coffee break
11.00-12.30 Session 1 - Industrial IoT
Session chairman is Lucia Seno (CNR-IEIIT, Italy)
- Emiliano Sisinni, Federico Bonafini, Alessandro Depari, Paolo Ferrari, Alessandra Flammini, Marco Pasetti, Stefano Rinaldi and Mikael Gidlund; Exploiting localization systems for LoRaWAN transmission scheduling in industrial applications
- Mohamed Eldefrawy, Nico Ferrari and Mikael Gidlund; Dynamic User Authentication Protocol for Industrial IoT without Timestamping
- Silvia Krug, Sebastian Bader, Bengt Oelmann and Mattias O'Nils; Suitability of Communication Technologies for Harvester-Powered IoT-Nodes
- Johan Torsner, Luka Lednicki, Gargi Bag, Niclas Ericsson, Larisa Rizvanovic, Kristian Sandström, Calin Curescu and Björn Skubic; Industrial IoT with Distributed Cloud Experiments using 5G LTE
12.30-14.00 Lunch
14.00-17.00 Visit to SCA pulp mill Östrand
The bus leaves the Quality Hotel at 14.00. The study visit starts at 14.30 and will take around 2 hours. We will be back at the hotel at around 17.00. You can read more about the visit to SCA Östrand here.
18.00 Welcome Reception
You can read more about the Welcome reception here.

Tuesday 28th of May

08.30-09.00 Registration
09.00-10.40 Session 2 - Wireless Industrial Communications
Session chairman is Aamir Mahmood (Mid Sweden University, Sweden)
- Xiaoxiao Han, Xiangyu Ma and Deji Chen; Energy-balancing routing algorithm for WirelessHART
- Zaloa Fernández, Mikel Mendicute, Elisabeth Uhlemann and Iñaki Val; Analysis and Evaluation of Self-Organizing TDMA for Industrial Applications
- Hossam Farag, Mikael Gidlund and Patrik Österberg; DeP-D: A Decentralized Primal-Dual Optimization Algorithm for Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks
- Eda Genc and Felipe Del Carpio; Wi-Fi QoS Enhancements for Downlink Operations in Industrial Automation Using TSN
- Honglei Li, Jing Geng, Yongkang Liu, Mohamed Kashef, Richard Candell and Shuvra Bhattacharyya; Design Space Exploration for Wireless-Integrated Factory Automation Systems
10.40-11.10 Coffee break
11.10-12.10 Keynote - Alf Isaksson, ABB Corporate Research
12.10-13.40 Lunch
13.40-14.40 WiP Session 1
Session chairman is Tomas Lenvall (Örebro university, Sweden)
- Tania Taami, Silvia Krug and Mattias O'Nils; Experimental Characterization of Latency in Distributed IoT Systems with Cloud Fog Offloading
- Albert Pötsch and Florian Hammer; Towards End-to-End Latency of LoRaWAN: Experimental Analysis and IIoT Applicability

- Marcelo V Garcia, Federico Perez, Aintzane Armentia and Marga Marcos; An Approach of Load Balancers for Low-cost CPPSs in Software-defined Networking Architecture
- Amal Alrish, Yuriy Zacchia Lun, Alessandro D'Innocenzo and Fortunato Santucci, Work in Progress: Systematic Derivation of Accurate Analytic Markov Channel Models for Industrial Control
- Thomas Kobzan, Sascha Heymann, Sebastian Schriegel and Jürgen Jasperneite; Utilizing SDN Infrastructure to provide Smart Services from the Factory to the Cloud
- Ismail Butun, Sevil Sen, Emre Aydogan, Selim Yilmaz, Stefan Forsstrom and Mikael Gidlund; A Central Intrusion Detection System for RPL-Based Industrial Internet of Things
- Björn Barig, Kaja Balzereit and Tino Hutschenreuther; Applying OPC-UA for Factory-Wide Industrial Assistance Systems
14.40-15.10 Coffee break
15.10-16.30 Session 3 - Performance analysis of industrial communications
Session chairman is Shuvra Bhattacharyy (University of Maryland, USA)
- Gianluca Cena, Stefano Scanzio, Lucia Seno and Adriano Valenzano; Optimal retransmission allocation for EDF-based networked real-time applications
- Michael Nast, Björn Butzin, Frank Golatowski and Dirk Timmermann; Performance Analysis of a Secured BACnet/IP Network
- Ahmed Amari and Ahlem Mifdaoui; QoS-Aware Ring Redundancy Protocol (QoS-ARRP) for High-Availability Ethernet Networks
- Alexios Lekidis and Ion Barosan; Model-based simulation and threat analysis of in-vehicle networks
18.00 Conference Dinner
You can read more about the Conference Dinner here.

Wednesday 29th of May

09.00-09.30 Registration
09.30-10.40 WiP Session 2
Session chairman is Emiliano Sisinni (University of Brescia, Italy)
- Andrija Goranovic, Marcus Meisel, Stefan Wilker and Thilo Sauter; Hyperledger Fabric Smart Grid Communication Testbed on Raspberry PI ARM Architecture
- Philip Tobianto Daely and Dong-Seong Kim; Bio-Inspired Cooperative Localization in Industrial Wireless Sensor Network
- Wiliams-Paul Nwadiugwu and Dong-Seong Kim; Novel MIMO-UWB based RTS/CTS Collaboration with Scalable Rate Prediction for Indutrial WSNs
- Anetta Nagy, Thomas Bigler, Albert Treytl and Thilo Sauter; A Radio-Map clustering Algorithm for RSS based Localization using Directional Antennas
- Santiago Soler Perez Olaya and Martin Wollschlaeger; The role of comprehensive function models in the management of heterogeneous industrial networks
- Paulo Alexandre Ribeiro, Liudas Duoba, Rui Prior, Sergio Crisostomo and Luis Almeida; Real-Time Wireless Data Plane for Real-Time-Enabled SDN
10.40-11.10 Coffee break
11.10-12.10 Keynote - Kia Wiklundh, Qamcom Research and Technology AB
12.10-13.40 Lunch
13.40-15.00 Session 4 - Novel solution for Industry 4.0
Session chairman is Ramez Daoud (American University in Cairo)
- Tim Lackorzynski, Stefan Köpsell and Thorsten Strufe; A Comparative Study on Virtual Private Networks for Future Industrial Communication Systems
- Santosh Kumar Panda, Mainak Majumder, Marco Ehrlich, Arne Neumann, Lukasz Wisniewski and Jürgen Jasperneite; Topology Detection as a Base for Efficient Management of Heterogeneous Industrial Network Systems Using Software-Defined Networking
- Filippo Bosi, Antonio Corradi, Luca Foschini, Stefano Monti, Lorenzo Patera, Luca Poli and Michele Solimando; Cloud-enabled Smart Data Collection in Shop Floor Environments for Industry 4.0
- Tieu Long Mai, Nicolas Navet and Jörn Migge; A Hybrid Machine Learning and Schedulability Analysis Method for the Verification of TSN Networks