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    01 March 2018

    Business Innovation Seminar

    Välkommen till Business Sundsvall Innovation Seminar "Förnybar diesel HVO och sanningen om emissioner" med Jan Nordlöf, vd Colabitoil.

    • 11:00 - 12:00
    • Sundsvall, Mittuniversitetet sal O111

    Events happening

    • Thursday 22 03

      Licentiate Seminar with Hafizur Rahman

      Welcome to Licentiate Seminar with Hafizur Rahman, Industry-employed PhD student in the research college FORIC.

      • 10:00 - 12:00
      • Sundsvall , M102
    • Wednesday 28 03

      Defence of a Doctoral Thesis with Majid Alimadadi

      Welcome to the defence of a Doctoral Thesis in Engineerings Physics with Majid Alimadadi.

      • 09:00 - 12:00
      • Sundsvall , O102
  • Welcome to Fibre Science and Communication Network (FSCN)

    FSCN – Fibre Science and Communication Network is a multi-disciplinary research centre at Mid Sweden University.

  • Nyheter

    • 14 February 2018

      FORIC start for new PhD Students

      On February 8-9 2018 our new PhD students in FORIC gathered with their supervisors to start their research projects.

    • 12 February 2018

      Silvia Krug – new Postdoc at STC

      In January Dr. Silvia Krug joined our team at STC as a Postdoc in the SMART project. Silvia’s research within Communication Networks, Embedded Systems and experience in Internet of Tjings (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), will be a great asset to us and we are very glad to have her with us!

    • 09 February 2018

      Inbjudan till workshop om IoT-hubb

      Den 16 februari bjuder Bron in till en eftermiddagsworkshop på Grönborg om en ny nationell IoT-hubb i Västernorrland.

    • 06 February 2018

      Workshop for environmental monitoring

      How do we get the environment into the control loop? That was what 35 workshop participants discussed at the first workshop for the new research initiative MiLo - Miljö i kontrolloopen (environment into the control loop).

    • 06 February 2018

      Reference group meeting SMART

      On Tuesday January 30, it was once again time for partners in the SMART project to meet and get the latest news on the project progress. Research engineer Bin Wang presented his work with Office Tracker, a sensor system that measures different values in the office environment. Office Tracker is developed in cooperation with the real estate companies Castellum and Mitthem.

    • 01 February 2018

      Forest Business Accelerator

      Våra partners på BizMaker, Åkroken Science Park startar en skoglig accelerator. Forest Business Accelerator är ett intensivt affärsutvecklingsprogram för dig som har en innovation med koppling till skogen. Här får startups från hela Sverige möjlighet att under åtta månader växla upp sin affärsidé tillsammans med SCA, IBM, Processum och BizMaker.

  • Welcome to STC Research Centre

    Sensible Things that Communicate, STC, develops sensor-based systems and services in electronics and computer science with a focus on industrial IT and digital services.