On this page you will find news and information from Mid Sweden University, collected under the tag IT SERVICES. This page is created based on the tag you clicked to get here.

There are 9 English pages and 9 Swedish pages that are tagged with IT SERVICES. The content may vary depending on language.

Wifi on campus

On campus you can connect to WI-FI trough Eduroam. It gives you access to internet in our premises aswell as at other Universities that are members of the network.

Software for students

Here, you will find information about how you get access to software for your studies, such as Azure Dev Tools for Teaching, Office 365, MATLAB, SPSS, Teams and Tortalk.

Digital tools for students

During your studies at Mid Sweden University, you will come across some tools that you need to be able to handle. On this page you will find information and user guides for the most common tools us...

Computer labs

Here you will find information about where our computer labs are situated and what programs are installed. All computer labs have a web browser, Microsoft Office, EasyProducer, Easy Reader and...

IT Services

Here you will find information and help related to IT issues and primarily directed towards students at Mid Sweden University.

The page was updated 10/2/2019