Alia Amir

Alia Amir

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  • Professional title: Lecturer
  • Academic title: Lecturer
  • Department: Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSV)
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  • Location: Sundsvall
  • Employee in the subject: English


Alia Amir is a social interaction researcher. Her research and teaching interests lie at the intersections of applied linguistics, sociolinguistics and language policy.

Alia graduated with a traditional MA in English language and literature. She then wrote a MA thesis at Linköping University (Sweden) studying colonial discourses of the English language policy of British India and comparing it with present-day Pakistan's language and educational policies.
Her MA thesis entitled Chronicles of the English Language in Pakistan can be accessed here:

After her MA, she then completed five years of PhD research (2014) at the Graduate school in Language and Culture in Europe (Linköping University) with Dr Jan Anward, Dr Nigel Musk and Dr Mathias Broth. Her PhD was a conversation analysis of English classes in Sweden, where she examined topics like language policy and language policing in a bilingual context. She developed an interest in studying language policy and education matters during her former BA in education and humanities.

Area of interest

Classroom interaction
English language teaching
English teacher education
English language policy
Applied Linguistics
English in Pakistan
English in Sweden

Other information

Recent essays supervised:

Corrective feedback in L2 learning:: An investigation into students' experience and attitudes about written corrective feedback and revision. Sonja Ladavats. Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. Mid-Sweden University. Spring 2021

An Analysis of Negative Transfer Errors in Argumentative Essays of EFL learners at Saudi Universities. Eman Al-Shareef. M.A. English language and linguistics. Department of English. Uppsala University. Spring 2020.

"After i have been at my friend house i found out that inside the house there were ghosts": An error analysis of student essays in junior and senior high school.  Joakim Blad. Department of English. Uppsala University. Spring 2020.

"The reason for that we humans is so interested in ghosts is". - An Error Analysis of Prepositions, Subject-verb agreement, and Spelling in Swedish Senior High School Students' Written Production. Elias Bergenheim. Department of English. Uppsala University. Spring 2020.

Language and Power - How Power Influences Language: A conversation analysis on the TV – show "Breaking Bad". Adem Akan. Independent Bachelor's thesis. Department of English. Södertörn University. Spring 2015.

Pre-closing formulations in Meeting Talk: A Study of a Cross-functional Team Meeting at Ericsson in Stockholm. Lisa Månsson. Independent Bachelor's thesis. Department of English. Södertörn University. Spring 2015.

The Power of Language - Persuading Addicts to Change their Lifestyle on TV: A conversation analysis of the documentary show "Intervention Canada". Nadia Wallin. Independent Bachelor's thesis. Department of English. Södertörn University. Spring 2015.

A Conversation Analytic Look at Understanding and Meaning Making During Group Work Interaction. Rizwan-ul Huq. MA thesis. Linköping University. 2010



Research projects


Teachers and Dyslexia


Conference papers

Atar, C. & Amir, A. (2018). A Sociolinguistic Analysis of English Textbooks in Sweden. Paper presented at the 9th International Conference of Strategic Research on Scientific Studies and Education (ICoSReSSE), Antalya, Turkey, October 19-21, 2018.