Anna-Karin Borg Karlsson


Articles in journals

Kumar, S. , Ahmad, R. , Saeed, S. , Azeem, M. , Mozuraitis, R. , Borg-Karlson, A. & Zhu, G. (2022). Chemical Composition of Fresh Leaves Headspace Aroma and Essential Oils of Four Coriander Cultivars. Frontiers in Plant Science, vol. 13  

Puentes, A. , Zhao, T. , Lundborg, L. , Björklund, N. & Borg-Karlson, A. (2021). Variation in Methyl Jasmonate-Induced Defense Among Norway Spruce Clones and Trade-Offs in Resistance Against a Fungal and an Insect Pest. Frontiers in Plant Science, vol. 12    

Axelsson, K. , Zendegi-Shiraz, A. , Swedjemark, G. , Borg-Karlson, A. & Zhao, T. (2020). Chemical defence responses of Norway spruce to two fungal pathogens. Forest Pathology, vol. 50: 6    

Mozūraitis, R. , Hall, D. , Trandem, N. , Ralle, B. , Tunström, K. , Sigsgaard, L. , Baroffio, C. , Fountain, M. & et al. (2020). Composition of Strawberry Floral Volatiles and their Effects on Behavior of Strawberry Blossom Weevil, Anthonomus rubi. Journal of Chemical Ecology, vol. 46, pp. 1069-1081.    

Bohman, B. , Weinstein, A. M. , Mozuraitis, R. , Flematti, G. R. & Borg-Karlson, A. (2020). Identification of (Z)-8-Heptadecene and n-Pentadecane as Electrophysiologically Active Compounds in Ophrys insectifera and Its Argogorytes Pollinator. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, vol. 21: 2    

Mozūraitis, R. , Hajkazemian, M. , Zawada, J. W. , Szymczak, J. , Pålsson, K. , Sekar, V. , Biryukova, I. , Friedländer, M. R. & et al. (2020). Male swarming aggregation pheromones increase female attraction and mating success among multiple African malaria vector mosquito species. Nature Ecology & Evolution, vol. 4, pp. 1395-1401.  

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