Anna-Karin Jonasson

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MA in Comparative Literature
Junior Lecturer at Mid Sweden University
Doctoral Student at Åbo Akademi University, Finland

Area of interest

Theories of metaphore

Current research

Landscape, Body and Language: An Ecocritical Reading of Kerstin Ekmans trilogy The Wolfskin (1999-2003)

With an ecocritical perspective as point of departure the purpose of this project is to analyze themes connected to sustaining and crossing boarders in the trilogy The Wolfskin by Kerstin Ekman. Subjects as “The Skin” and “The Ice” are frequently found in Ekmans novels and it is possible to interpret them as metaphors of boarders, revealing complex relations between the human body and nature as well as between the human body and language. These complex relations intervene in human relations and other interesting areas to study are if and how these metaphors of boarders illustrate and discuss questions connected to power and identity.

Teaching and tutoring

Comparative Literature, A
Creative Writing A and B
Literature for children and adolescents