Eugenio Conti

Doktorand|Doctoral Student


Articles in journals

Conti, E. & Farsari, I. (2022). Disconnection in nature-based tourism experiences : an actor-network theory approach. Annals of Leisure Research, , pp. 1-18.  

Conti, E. & Lexhagen, M. (2020). Instagramming nature-based tourism experiences : a netnographic study of online photography and value creation. Tourism Management Perspectives, vol. 34    

Conti, E. & Heldt Cassel, S. (2020). Liminality in nature-based tourism experiences as mediated through social media. Tourism Geographies, vol. 22: 2, pp. 413-432.    

Chapters in books

Lexhagen, M. & Conti, E. (2022). Instagramming. In Encyclopedia of Tourism Management and Marketing. UK : Edward Elgar Publishing.

Artistic output

Asklund, H. , Engholm, V. , von Essen, M. , Reberg, M. , Granlund, H. , Mähler, M. , Conti, E. , Degerman, P. , Jonsson, B. & et al. (2021). Människan i skogen, skogen i människan : Miun Research Exhibition.

Conference papers

Conti, E. & Lexhagen, M. (2019). Investigating tourists’ valuations of nature-based experiences through online photography. Paper presented at the 12th Consumer Behavior in Tourism Symposium, Brunico, Italy, 11-13 December 2019 Emotions in Tourism Research Reflecting on Methodological approaches.

Conti, E. (2018). Nature-based tourism and experience value co-creation on Instagram. In ISCONTOUR 2018 Tourism Research Perspectives : Proceedings of the International Student Conference in Tourism Research.. pp. 373--378.

Conti, E. & Lexhagen, M. (2018). Valuing Nature on Instagram. Paper presented at the ATLAS Annual Conference 2018 – Destination Dynamics, Copenhagen, Denmark 26-29th September, 2018.  

Doctoral theses

Conti, E. (2023). Digital technocultures in Nature-based tourism. Dis. (Comprehensive summary) Sundsvall : Mid Sweden University, 2023 (Mid Sweden University doctoral thesis : 389)  


Conti, E. VR Tourism and Eudemonia in nature-based Virtual Environments.

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