Charlotte Persson

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Charlotte Andoh-Appiah is doctor of Social Work at the Department of Social Work, Mid Sweden University, Sweden. She is working in the field of International Social Work, with a particular interest in how countries with different socioeconomic, political and cultural contexts handle social justice for marginalised and oppressed groups, such as children and people with disabilities. Charlotte is also interested of community-based responses to challenges faced by marginalised people.

Current research

An initiated research examines the Swedish transnational family's transfer (remittance) of financial contribution and social support for family members in a country other than Sweden, and if remittance can be considered as a means of promoting social justice and combating socio-economic inequality in the world.


Chapters in books

Persson, C. (2016). Community-based rehabilitation (CBR) in Uganda : A role for social work?. In The Handbook of Social Work and Social Development in Africa. Routledge.

Conference papers

Persson Badesire, C. (2009). Community Based Rehabilitation in Sweden : Meeting abstract. In International journal of rehabilitation research, Suppl 1, 2009. (International journal of rehabilitation research). pp. S22--S22.

Doctoral theses, monographs

Persson, C. (2014). Implementing Community Based Re/habilitation in Uganda and Sweden : A Comparative Approach. Dis. Sundsvall : Mid Sweden University, 2014 (Mid Sweden University doctoral thesis : 201)  


Svensson, J. , Jönsson, J. H. , Israelsson, M. , Kamali, M. , Kaffrell-Lindahl, A. , Espvall, M. , Blid, M. , Miller, E. & et al. (2016). Socialtjänsten ska inte fungera som angivare : Svenska Dagbladet. (Svenska Dagbladet).