Christian Nounkeu Tatchou

Doktorand|Doctoral Student

  • Professional title: Doctoral Student
  • Department: Department of Communication, Quality Management and Information Systems (KKI)
  • Telephone: +46 (0)10-1428602
  • Email:
  • Location: Sundsvall
  • Research centers: DEMICOM
  • Employee in the subject: Media and Communications Science


Articles in journals

Nounkeu Tatchou, C. (2022). The mediatization of politics in Cameroon: A political actor-centric approach. Ecquid Novi, vol. 43: 1, pp. 107-126.  

Nounkeu Tatchou, C. (2020). Facebook and Fake News in the “Anglophone Crisis” in Cameroon. African Journalism Studies, vol. 41: 3, pp. 20-35.    

Nounkeu Tatchou, C. (2020). Political communication strategies of sub-Saharan Africa nationalist movements in the era of (de)colonization : The case of the UPC in Cameroon (1948-56). Journal of African Media Studies, vol. 12: 2, pp. 123-136.  

Chapters in books

Nord, L. & Nounkeu Tatchou, C. (2020). Européennes 2019: Reconsidérations sur des eléctions de "deuxiéme ordre" [EP Elections 2019: Second thoughts on "second-order" elections] : Une analyse de la communiction politique pour les Européennes en Suède 2009-2019 [An analysis of politcal communication in EP ecletions in Sweden 2009-2019]. In L'Europe au défi des populismes nationaux [Europe at the challenge of the national populisms] : La communication politique centrifuge des élections de 2019 [The centrifugal political communication in the 2019 elections]. Paris : L'Harmattan. pp. 53-66.

Nounkeu Tatchou, C. (2019). Fake news : Social media giants did not do enough. In Euroflections : Leading academics on the European elections 2019. Sundsvall : Mid Sweden University, Demicom (DEMICOM rapport). pp. 79-80.  

Conference papers

Nounkeu Tatchou, C. (2022). Press coverage of 'fake news' in times of election campaigns : France, Sweden and the US in a comparative approach. Paper presented at the International Communication Association (ICA) 2022, Paris, France, May 26-30, 2022.

Falasca, K. & Nounkeu Tatchou, C. (2020). European Parliament election 2019, one of the world’s largest democratic elections, and the threat of fake news : How does legacy media deal with it?. Paper presented at the ECREA-the 8th European Communication Conference to be held in Braga, Portugal, October 2-5, 2020.

Nounkeu Tatchou, C. (2019). Crisis, social media and fake news in Sub-Saharan Africa : The case of the Anglophone problem in Cameroon. Paper presented at the 69th Annual ICA conference, Communication Beyond Boundaries, WASHINGTON, D.C., USA, 24-28 May 2019

Nounkeu Tatchou, C. (2019). Press coverage of 'fake news' in election campaigning : The US and Sweden in a comparative perspective. Paper presented at the Nordmedia 2019 - Communication, Creativity & Imagination- Challenging the Field Malmö, August 21-23, 2019

Nounkeu Tatchou, C. (2018). Mediated or Mediatized ? Examining changes with regard to politics and the media in Sub-Saharan Africa : The case of Cameroon. Paper presented at the 7th European Communication Conference, Centres and Peripheries: Communication, Research, Translation, ECREA, Lugano, Switzerland, October 31- November 3, 2018

Nounkeu Tatchou, C. (2015). Assessing Social Sciences Research about the Girl Child Breast Ironing in Cameroon.. Paper presented at the Cultural Sociology Symposium, Uppsala, Sweden, November 19- 20, 2015


Nounkeu Tatchou, C. (2018). Seen from the other side of the border : Press coverage of the 2016 US presidential election campaign in Canada. Sundsvall : DEMICOM (DEMICOM rapport 36).  

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