Egmont Porten


  • Professional title: Professor
  • Department: Department of Engineering, Mathematics and Science Education (IMD)
  • Telephone: +46 (0)10-1428401
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  • Room number: E306
  • Location: Sundsvall
  • Employee in the subject: Mathematics


Articles in journals

Boggess, A. , Dwilewicz, R. & Porten, E. (2022). On The Hartogs Extension Theorem For Unbounded Domains In Cn. Annales de l'Institut Fourier, vol. 72: 3, pp. 1185-1206.  

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Merker, J. & Porten, E. (2006). Holomorphic Extension of CR Functions, Envelopes of Holomorphy, and Removable Singularities. Oxford University Press (International Mathematical Research Surveys 2006).  

Conference papers

Lind, A. & Porten, E. (2021). Directional Density Of Polynomial Hulls At Singularities. In Proceedings of the conference Contemporary Mathematics in Kielce 2020, February 24-27 2021.. pp. 195--209.  

Doctoral theses, monographs

Porten, E. (2005). Geometric methods in the study of CR functions and their singularities. Dis. Berlin : Humbolt-universitetet, 2005 (Habilitationsschrift : )

Porten, E. (1997). Hebbare Singularitäten von CR-Funktionen und Analytische Fortsetzung von Teilen Nicht-Pseudokonvexer Ränder. Dis. Berlin : Humboldt-Univ, 1997 (Hochschulschrift : )

Licentiate theses, monographs

Porten, E. (1993). Ein Dualitätssatz für Hardyräume auf streng pseudokonvexen Gebieten. Lic. Bonn : Universität Bonn, 1993


Porten, E. , Boggess, A. & Dwilewicz, R. (2018). On the Hartogs extension theorem for unbounded domains in Cn. (Mid Sweden Mathematical Reports 3).  

Porten, E. (2011). Cinfinity-hypoellipticity and extension of CR functions. Sundsvall : Mittuniversitetet (Mid Sweden University, NAT Reports (Gula serien) 1,2011).

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Jöricke, B. & Porten, E. (2002). Hulls and analytic extension from non-pseudoconvex boundaries. Uppsala : Univ. Matem. Inst. (Uppsala U.U.D.M.-Reports 2002:19).

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