Elin Helgesson

  • Department: Department of Media and Communication Science (MKV)
  • Telephone: 010-142 82 05
  • Email: Elin.Helgesson@miun.se
  • Location: Sundsvall
  • Research centers: DEMICOM

Research projects


Public affairs in Sweden



Articles in journals

Falasca, K. & Helgesson, E. (2020). Revolving around roles : Public affairs practitioners as democratic enablers or as hired guns. Public Relations Review,  

Helgesson, E. & Falasca, K. (2017). The construction of an elusive concept : Framing the controversial role and practice of lobbying in Swedish media. Public Relations Inquiry, vol. 6: 3, pp. 275-291.    

Chapters in books

Helgesson, E. (2018). Svängdörren, lobbyisterna och förtroendet. In Snabbtänkt : Reflektioner från valet 2018 av ledande forskare. Sundsvall : Mid Sweden University (DEMICOM rapport). pp. 88-88.  

Helgesson, E. & Grandien, C. (2015). On the borderlines of advocacy : Situational professional ethics in the identity construction of public relations consultants. In Communication Ethics in a Connected World: Research in Public Relations and Organisational Communication. Peter Lang Publishing Group. pp. 215-233.  

Conference papers

Falasca, K. & Helgesson, E. (2018). Revolving around the role of public affairs in the political process. Paper presented at the The International Communication Association's 87th Annual Conference, 2018 Post Conference, Lobbying and Democracy: The Voice of Communication. Prague, Czech Republic, 24-28 May 2018.

Helgesson, E. (2017). An exploration of the role and practice of public affairs in Sweden. Paper presented at the Euprera Congress 2017, 14-16 October, LONDON, UK

Helgesson, E. (2017). Public affairs legitimacy and role conception. Paper presented at the International Communication Association (ICA) Annual Conference, San Diego, CA, USA, 25 May 2017.