Sanna Fjellström

Doktorand|Doctoral Student


Articles in journals

Fjellström, S. , Oskarsson, J. , Hansen, E. , Nordström, A. & Lund Ohlsson, M. (2024). Difference in balance capacity for Special Olympics athletes and non-athletes with intellectual disabilities. European Journal of Adapted Physical Activity, vol. 16    

Vikberg, S. , Hölttä, J. , Nordström, A. , Flygare Wallén, E. , Lund Ohlsson, M. & Hansen, E. (2024). Increasing physical activity through an adapted web-based exercise program for people with intellectual disabilities : Support staff are crucial for feasibility. JARID, vol. 37: 2  

Vikberg, S. , Bjoerk, S. , Nordstrom, A. , Nordstrom, P. & Hult, A. (2022). Feasibility of an Online Delivered, Home-Based Resistance Training Program for Older Adults - A Mixed Methods Approach. Frontiers in Psychology, vol. 13  

Fjellstrom, S. , Hansen, E. , Hölltä, J. , Zingmark, M. , Nordström, A. & Lund Ohlsson, M. (2022). Web‐based training intervention to increase physical activity level and improve health for adults with intellectual disability. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, vol. 66: 12, pp. 967-977.  

Conference papers

Vikberg, S. , Hölltä, J. , Zingmark, M. , Flygare Wallén, E. , Hansen, E. , Nordström, A. & Lund Ohlsson, M. (2021). Adapted internet-based training program improves exercise accessibility for people with intellectual disabilities. Paper presented at the The 28th International Conference on Health Promotion in Hospitals and Health Services, 12 october 2021, [DIGITAL], Paris France.

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