Helen Hanstock

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2016-present: Exercise Physiologist, Swedish Winter Sports Research Centre

2015-present: Lecturer, Sports Science Program, Mittuniversitetet

2012-2015: PhD Exercise Immunology, Bangor University UK

2008-2011: BA (Hons) Physiological Sciences, Oxford University UK

Area of interest

Exercise Physiology
Exercise Immunology
Environmental Physiology
Stress Physiology
Biomarkers of health and training status
Remote and non-invasive athlete monitoring

Current research

Noninvasive markers of immune status
Immunological effects of exercise, training and psychological stress
Airway effects of cold environments
Sports Metabolomics

Teaching and tutoring

IV055G Anatomy, Physiology and Sports Physiology
IV007A Exercise Physiology II
IV012G Physical Activity and Health
IV056G Sports Nutrition
IV005A Master Degree Project

Other information

Associate Member of the Physiological Society
Member of the International Society of Exercise Immunology
Overseas Member of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences


Articles in journals

Hanstock, H. , Edwards, J. , Roberts, R. & Walsh, N. (2018). High heart rate reactors display greater decreases in tear SIgA concentration following a novel acute stressor. Biological Psychology, vol. 133, pp. 85-88.    

Hanstock, H. , Walsh, N. P. , Edwards, J. P. , Fortes, M. B. , Cosby, S. L. , Nugent, A. , Curran, T. , Coyle, P. V. & et al. (2016). Tear Fluid SIgA as a Noninvasive Biomarker of Mucosal Immunity and Common Cold Risk. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, vol. 48: 3, pp. 569-577.  

Diment, B. , Fortes, M. B. , Edwards, J. P. , Hanstock, H. , Ward, M. D. , Dunstall, H. M. , Friedmann, P. S. & Walsh, N. P. (2015). Exercise Intensity and Duration Effects on In Vivo Immunity. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, vol. 47: 7, pp. 1390-1398.  

Conference papers

Eriksson, L. , Schagatay, F. , Sjöström, R. , Söderström, L. , Hanstock, H. , Sandström, T. & Stenfors, N. (2018). Symptom av måttlig träning i minusgrader : En experimentell exponeringsstudie. Paper presented at the Svenska Lungkongressen, Linköping, 16-17 april, 2018

Hanstock, H. , Edwards, J. P. & Walsh, N. P. (2017). Potential of tear fluid antimicrobial proteins to evaluate risk of upper respiratory illness. In 13th ISEI Symposium : Training our immune system for health and performance.

Hanstock, H. (2017). Understanding ”ski asthma”: risk factors and management strategies.. Paper presented at the Nationellt Vintersportcentrum Conference, Åre, October 5-6, 2017

Doctoral theses, monographs

Hanstock, H. (2016). Tear Secretory IgA: A Noninvasive Biomarker of Mucosal Immune Competence. Dis. Bangor University, 2016