Hugo Von Zeipel

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Articles in journals

Moles, A. T. , Peco, B. , Wallis, I. R. , Foley, W. J. , Poore, A. G. B. , Seabloom, E. W. , Vesk, P. A. , Bisigato, A. J. & et al. (2013). Correlations between physical and chemical defences in plants : Tradeoffs, syndromes, or just many different ways to skin a herbivorous cat?. New Phytologist, vol. 198: 1, pp. 252-263.  

Moles, A. T. , Wallis, I. R. , Foley, W. J. , Warton, D. I. , Stegen, J. C. , Bisigato, A. J. , Cella-Pizarro, L. , Clark, C. J. & et al. (2011). Putting plant resistance traits on the map : A test of the idea that plants are better defended at lower latitudes. New Phytologist, vol. 191: 3, pp. 777-788.  

von Zeipel, H. & Eriksson, O. (2007). Fruit removal in the forest herb Actaea spicata depends on local context of fruits sharing the same dispersers. International journal of plant sciences, vol. 168: 6, pp. 855-860.  

Conference papers

von Zeipel, H. (2015). Illustrations in Science Education : An Investigation of Young Pupils Using Explanatory Pictures of Electrical Currents. In XVI INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION SYMPOSIUM (IOSTE BORNEO 2014). (Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences). pp. 204--210.