Illpo Niskanen

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Articles in journals

Ashraf, S. , Niskanen, I. , Kanyathare, B. , Vartiainen, E. , Mattsson, C. , Heikkilä, R. & Thungström, G. (2019). Determination of complex refractive index of SU-8 by Kramers-Kronig dispersion relation method at the wavelength range 2.5 – 22.0 μm. Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, vol. 224, pp. 309-311.  

Niskanen, I. , Forsberg, V. , Zakrisson, D. , Reza, S. , Hummelgård, M. , Andres, B. , Fedorov, I. , Suopajärvi, T. & et al. (2019). Determination of nanoparticle size using Rayleigh approximation and Mie theory. Chemical Engineering Science, vol. 201: 29, pp. 222-229.  

Niskanen, I. , Suopajärvi, T. , Liimatainen, H. , Fabritius, T. , Heikkilä, R. & Thungström, G. (2019). Determining the complex refractive index of cellulose nanocrystals by combination of Beer-Lambert and immersion matching methods. Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, vol. 235, pp. 1-6.  

Soetedjo, H. , Niskanen, I. , Rautkari, L. , Altgen, M. , Hiltunen, E. , Thungström, G. , Zakrisson, D. & Räty, J. (2018). Determining the degree of heat treatment of wood by light polarization technique. European Journal of Wood and Wood Products, vol. 76: 4, pp. 1359-1362.  

Niskanen, I. , Sutinen, V. , Thungström, G. & Räty, J. (2018). Image Information Obtained Using a Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) Camera During an Immersion Liquid Evaporation Process for Measuring the Refractive Index of Solid Particles. Applied Spectroscopy, vol. 72: 6, pp. 908-912.  

Niskanen, I. , Räty, J. & Peiponen, K. (2017). On the Immersion Liquid Evaporation Method Based on the Dynamic Sweep of Magnitude of the Refractive Index of a Binary Liquid Mixture : A Case Study on Determining Mineral Particle Light Dispersion. Applied Spectroscopy, vol. 71: 7, pp. 1586-1592.