Jiayi Yang

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Articles in journals

YANG, J. , Zasadowski, D. , Edlund, H. & Norgren, M. (2019). Biorefining of Spruce TMP Process Water : Selective Fractionation of Lipophilic Extractives with Induced Air Flotation and Surface Active Additive. BioResources, vol. 14: 2, pp. 4124-4135.  

Yang, J. , Dahlström, C. , Edlund, H. , Lindman, B. & Norgren, M. (2019). pH-responsive cellulose–chitosan nanocomposite films with slow release of chitosan. Cellulose (London), vol. 26: 6, pp. 3763-3776.    

Yang, J. , Duan, J. , Zhang, L. , Lindman, B. , Edlund, H. & Norgren, M. (2016). Spherical nanocomposite particles prepared from mixed cellulose–chitosan solutions. Cellulose (London), vol. 23: 5, pp. 3105-3115.    

Zasadowski, D. , Yang, J. , Edlund, H. & Norgren, M. (2014). Antisolvent precipitation of water-soluble hemicelluloses from TMP process water. Carbohydrate Polymers, vol. 113, pp. 411-419.  

Conference papers

Yang, J. , Norgren, M. & Edlund, H. (2013). Selective separation of wood substances from TMP mill process water by flotation. Analysis of the foam fraction.. Paper presented at the The 17th International Symposium on Wood, Fiber and Pulping Chemistry