John Högström

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Articles in journals

Högström, J. (2017). does closeness matter for voter turnout in proportional systems? : an examination at the local level in Sweden. European Political Science, , pp. 1-16.  

Högström, J. (2017). Political Competition in Sweden 1976-2014 : A Comparative Analysis at the Local Level. Comparative Sociology, vol. 16: 4, pp. 499-522.  

Högström, J. (2016). The Effect of Gender Quotas in the First Decade of the Twenty-first Century : A Global Comparison. Comparative Sociology, vol. 15: 2, pp. 179-205.  

Högström, J. (2015). Do Development and Democracy Positively Affect Gender Equality in Cabinets?. Japanese Journal of Political Science, vol. 16: 3, pp. 332-356.  

Högström, J. (2014). Democracies in Crisis. Contemporary Politics, vol. 20: 4, pp. 402-420.  

Högström, J. (2013). Classification and Rating of Democracy : A Comparison. Taiwan Journal of Democracy, vol. 9: 2, pp. 33-54.    

Högström, J. (2012). Does the Choice of Democracy Measure Matter? : Comparisons between the Two Leading Democracy Indices, Freedom House and Polity IV. Government and Opposition, vol. 48: 2, pp. 201-221.    

Högström, J. (2012). Women's Representation in National Politics in the World's Democratic Countries : A Research Note. Journal of women, politics & policy, vol. 33: 3, pp. 263-279.  

Conference papers

Högström, J. (2011). Evaluating Political Systems : Focus on the Political Performance and the Quality of Democracy. Paper presented at the 6th ECPR General Conference University of Iceland Reykjavik,25th - 27th Aug 2011  

Högström, J. (2011). Quality of Democracy : A Comparative Study. Paper presented at the The first IPSA-ECPR Joint Conference; Whatever Happened to North-South? Sao Paulo 2011-02-16 - 2011-02-19  

Doctoral theses, monographs

Högström, J. (2013). Quality of Democracy Around the Globe : A Comparative Study. Dis. Sundsvall : Mid Sweden University, 2013 (Mid Sweden University doctoral thesis : 137)