Jonathan Yachin


  • Professional title: Postdoc
  • Department: Department of Economics, Geography, Law and Tourism (EJT)
  • Telephone: 010-1428521
  • Email:
  • Research centers: ETOUR
  • Employee in the subject: Tourism Studies


Articles in journals

Yachin, J. M. (2021). Alters & functions : exploring the ego-networks of tourism micro-firms. Tourism Recreation Resarch, vol. 46: 3, pp. 319-332.    

Yachin, J. M. & Ioannides, D. (2020). “Making do” in rural tourism: the resourcing behaviour of tourism micro-firms. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, vol. 28: 7, pp. 1003-1021.    

Yachin, J. M. (2019). The entrepreneur–opportunity nexus: discovering the forces that promote product innovations in rural micro-tourism firms. Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism, vol. 19: 1, pp. 47-65.  

Yachin, J. M. (2018). The 'customer journey' : Learning from customers in tourism experience encounters. Tourism Management Perspectives, vol. 28, pp. 201-210.    

Doctoral theses, comprehensive summaries

Yachin, J. M. (2020). Behind the Scenes of Rural Tourism : A Study of Entrepreneurship in Micro-Firms. Dis. (Comprehensive summary) Sundsvall : Mid Sweden University, 2020 (Mid Sweden University doctoral thesis : 334)