Maja Klinga

Doktorand|Doctoral Student


Articles in journals

Giritli Nygren, K. , Klinga, M. , Olofsson, A. & Öhman, S. (2021). The language of risk and vulnerability in covering the covid-19 pandemic in swedish mass media in 2020 : Implications for the sustainable management of elderly care. Sustainability, vol. 13: 19    

Conference papers

Klinga, M. (2024). Disinformation : A risk and/or a crisis?. Paper presented at the 60th Workshop: Innovating for an Imagined Disaster Future, Disaster Research Center, University of Delaware, United States, May 2-5, 2024

Klinga, M. (2024). Disinformation and risk perception : An intersectional approach. Paper presented at the Åre Risk Event: Krisberedskap i en föränderlig värld, Åre, 16-18 april, 2024

Klinga, M. & Lundgren, M. (2023). Understandings of disinformation in the Swedish heterogeneous society : experiences and vulnerabilities. Paper presented at the ESA RN22 & ISA TG04 Midterm Conference 2023, Danish Sociological Association, University of Southern Denmark, Esbjerg, Denmark October 26-27, 2023

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