Sofie Karlsson

Universitetslektor|Senior Lecturer


Articles in journals

Ghazanfareeon Karlsson, S. & Jönsson, J. H. (2020). Forced Migration, Older Refugees and Displacement : Implications for Social Work as a Human Rights Profession. Journal of Human Rights and Social Work, vol. 5, pp. 212-222.    

Ghazanfareeon Karlsson, S. (2020). Looking for elderly people´s needs : teaching critical reflection in Swedish social work education. Social Work Education, vol. 39: 2, pp. 227-240.    

Connidis, I. A. , Borell, K. & Ghazanfareeon Karlsson, S. (2017). Ambivalence and Living Apart Together in Later Life : A Critical Research Proposal. Journal of Marriage and Family, vol. 79: 5, pp. 1404-1418.    

Karlsson, S. , Johansson, S. , Gerdner, A. & Borell, K. (2007). Caring while living apart. Journal of gerontological social work, vol. 49: 4, pp. 3-27.  

Ghazanfareeon Karlsson, S. (2007). Intimitet och autonomi : om särboende bland äldre. Socionomen, : 4, pp. 40-44.

Ghazanfareeon Karlsson, S. & Borell, K. (2005). A Home of Their Own : Women's Boundary Work in LAT-relationships. Journal of Aging Studies, vol. 19: 1, pp. 73-84.  

Karlsson-G, S. (2004). "Leva tillsammans under olika tak".. Äldre i centrum : tidskrift för aktuell äldreforskning, vol. 17: 3, pp. 24-30.

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Borell, K. & Ghazanfareeon Karlsson, S. (2000). Ældre par : Hvert sit hjem. Gerontologi og samfund, vol. 16: 4, pp. 85-87.

Chapters in books

Jönsson, J. , Fiem, A. L. & Ghazanfareeon Karlsson, S. (2022). Critical reflections on international social work research Beyond South/North divides. In Revitalising Critical Reflection in Contemporary Social Work Research, Practice and Education. Taylor & Francis. pp. 38-51.  

Ghazanfareeon Karlsson, S. (2018). Neoliberalism and social work education. Students’ ability to identifythe elderly’s rights and needs.. In Neoliberalism,Nordic Welfare States and Social Work : Current and Future Challenges.. New York : Routledge (Routledge Advances in Social work). pp. 193-202.

Ghazanfareeon Karlsson, S. (2017). Intimitet, förpliktelser och attityder till personlig service och omsorg i äldres särborelationer. In Social omsorg i socialt arbete: Grunder och fördjupningar. Malmö : Gleerups Utbildning AB. pp. 187-202.

Ghazanfareeon Karlsson, S. & Espvall, M. (2016). Intimacy and obligations in LAT relationships in late life. In Couple relationships in the middle and later years : Their nature, complexity, and role in health and illness. Washington : American Psychological Association (APA). pp. 77-94.  

Ghazanfareeon Karlsson, S. & Borell, K. (2004). Intimacy and autonomy, gender and ageing : Living Apart Together. In Intimacy in later life. New Brunswick : Transaction Publishers. pp. 1-18.

Borell, K. & Ghazanfareeon Karlsson, S. (2003). Reconceptualising Intimacy and Ageing : Living apart together. In Gender and ageing : Changing roles and relationships. Buckingham : Open University Press (Ageing and later life). pp. 47-62.

Conference papers

Ghazanfareeon Karlsson, S. & Jönsson, J. H. (2019). Forced migration, older people and displacement. Paper presented at the Social Protection & Human Dignity IFSW European Conference, Vienna, Austria, September 8-11, 2019.

Ghazanfareeon Karlsson, S. (2019). Social work students perception of vulnerability and needs among the elderly : A question of experience and ability to use critical self-reflection?. Paper presented at the European association of schools of social work, Conference Madrid 2019 - Meaning of quality of social work education in a changing Europe, Madrid, Spain, 4-7 July, 2019

Ghazanfareeon Karlsson, S. (2018). Looking for needs.Teaching critical reflection in social work with the elderly. Paper presented at the ESWRA, 8 th Euorpean Conference for Social Work Research, Edinburgh, Scotland, April 18-20

Hoppstadius, H. & Ghazanfareeon Karlsson, S. (2018). What’s the problem represented to be? : Swedish public policy constructions of violence against women. In Social work in transition: : Challenges for social work research in a changing local and global world.

Jönsson, J. H. & Ghazanfareeon Karlsson, S. (2017). Marginalization and social work in a changing society : Older refugees and social work. Paper presented at the IFSW European Conference 2017 – Marginalization and Social Work in a Changing Society, 28-30 May, 2017, Reykjavik, Island

Ghazanfareeon Karlsson, S. & Espvall, M. (2015). Intimacy and obligations in LAT relationships among the elderly - New challenges for the Welfare State.. Paper presented at the Conference ESA 2015 Prague. Session RN01S02: Ageing, Policies and Inequalities 26-28/8-2015

Karlsson-G, S. (2003). Omsorgsstrategier för framtiden. Äldre särboende kvinnor och män i Sverige. : Svenska Gerontologiförbundets årsmöte.

Borell, K. & Ghazanfareeon Karlsson, S. (2002). Reconceptualising Intimacy and Ageing : International Symposium on Recenseptualising Gender and Ageing, University of Surrey, UK, June 25 - 27.

Borell, K. & Ghazanfareeon Karlsson, S. (2001). Living Apart Together. Balancing Intimacy and Autonomy in Old Age : Invited Symposia, Repartnering After Late Life Widowhood: The Gendered Perspective, at The 17th Congress of The International Association of Gerontology, Vancouver, Canada, July 1 - 6.

Borell, K. & Ghazanfareeon Karlsson, S. (2000). Living Apart Together in Old Age. Womens Boundary Making and The Social Construction of Home : A New Age for Old Age, Annual Conference of British Society of Gerontology, Oxford, UK, September 8 - 10.

Doctoral theses

Karlsson-G, S. (2006). Tillsammans men var för sig. : Om särboenderelationer mellan äldre kvinnor och män i Sverige.. Dis. Umeå : Umeå univ., Inst. för socialt arbete, 2006 (Studier i socialt arbete vid Umeå universitet : 47)


Svensson, J. , Jönsson, J. H. , Israelsson, M. , Kamali, M. , Kaffrell-Lindahl, A. , Espvall, M. , Blid, M. , Miller, E. & et al. (2016). Socialtjänsten ska inte fungera som angivare : Svenska Dagbladet. (Svenska Dagbladet).  

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