Kerstin Björkman-Randström


Articles in journals

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Segevall, C. , Björkman Randström, K. & Söderberg, S. (2018). A spider in a broken web : nurses' views on discharge planning for older patients after hip fracture surgery who live in their own homes in rural areas. Open Journal of Nursing, vol. 8: 7    

Björkman Randström, K. , Wengler, Y. , Asplund, K. & Svedlund, M. (2014). Working with 'hands-off' support: a qualitative study of multidisciplinary teams' experiences of home rehabilitation for older people. International Journal of Older People Nursing, vol. 9: 1, pp. 25-33.  

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Björkman Randström, K. , Asplund, K. & Svedlund, M. (2012). Impact of environmental factors in home rehabilitation − a qualitative study from the perspective of older persons using the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health to describe facilitators and barriers. Disability and Rehabilitation, vol. 34: 9, pp. 779-787.  

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Conference papers

Björkman Randström, K. , Asplund, K. , Svedlund, M. & Paulson, M. (2010). Activity and participation in home rehabilitation - older people's and family members' perspectives : Meeting abstract. In Journal of Clinical Nursing. Suppl 1. (Journal of Clinical Nursing). pp. 85--85.

Björkman Randström, Y. , Wengler, Y. , Asplund, K. & Svedlund, M. (2010). Multidisciplinary team's promoting a rehabilitative approach among older people in home care : Meeting abstract. In Journal of clinical nursing, Vol 19 Suppl 1. (Journal of clinical nursing). pp. 85--86.

Doctoral theses, comprehensive summaries

Björkman Randström, K. (2013). Hemmet som arena för äldres rehabilitering. Dis. (Comprehensive summary) Östersund : Mittuniversitetet, 2013 (Mid Sweden University doctoral thesis : 145)  


Clifford Lind, M. & Björkman Randström, K. (2016). Ledvård vid kontrakturer. Östersund : FoU Jämt (Rapport FoU Jämt, Östersund 2016:3).    

Skoglind-Öhman, I. & Björkman Randström, K. (2016). Uppföljning av projektet Geriatriskt stöd i Regionen Jämtland Härjedalen och kommunerna i Jämtlands län : Olika professioners erfarenheter av samverkan inom projektets ram (2014-2016). FoU Jämt, Östersund : (Rapport från Fou Jämt 2016:1).