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Klara Persson

  • Department: Department of Economics, Geography, Law and Tourism (EJT)
  • Telephone: +46 (0)10-1428334
  • Email: klara.persson@miun.se


Articles in journals

Persson, K. , Zampoukos, K. & Ljunggren, I. (2022). No (wo)man is an island : socio-cultural context and women’s empowerment in Samoa. Gender, Place and Culture, vol. 29: 4, pp. 482-501.    

Conference papers

Gillander Gådin, K. , Persson, K. & Zampoukos, K. (2020). Strategies to prevent sexual harassment in the hospitality workplace.. Paper presented at the Poster presented at the 16th World Congress on Public Health. Theme of the congress: Public Health for the Future of Humanity: Analysis, Advocacy, and Action. 12-16 October 2020, DIGITAL, Rome, Italy.  


Zampoukos, K. , Persson, K. & Gillander Gådin, K. (2020). ”Är du en sådan där #metoo?” : Om arbetsmiljö, sexuella trakasserier och ledarskap på hotell- och restaurangarbetsplatsen. Östersund : ETOUR/Mittuniversitetet (Populärvetenskapliga serien / European Tourism Research Institute (ETOUR) 2020:3).  

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