Minna Lundgren

Universitetslektor|Senior Lecturer

Minna Lundgren holds a PhD in sociology from 2016 . She is a member of the Risk and Crisis Research Centre (RCR) and responsible for scientific development of the RCR Simulation Lab.
Since 2018, Lundgren is a member of the Ethical Review Authority division for non-medical research in Umeå.


In 2016 Lundgren defended her dissertation 'Boundaries of Displacement: Belonging and Return Among Forcibly Displaced Young Georgians from Abkhazia'. In her dissertation, Lundgren focused on experiences of protracted displacement among young Georgians IDPs from Abkhazia. She used both qualitative and quantitative methods to explore understanding issues of belonging and return among young people with few or no experiences from Abkhazia, where armed conflicts broke out in the early 1990s.

Lundgren has also experience from several research projects where local community integration was studied with a focus on housing and labor market issues.

In spring 2018, together with colleagues from the RCR, she completed a study funded by MSB (the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency), where risk communication in eight different EU countries' was studied and compared.

Minna Lundgren has a bachelors degree in Social Work. She has several years of experience in both research and practice in social work. Lundgren has previously worked with development cooperation with universities in northwestern Russia.

Area of interest

In her research Lundgren focuses on issues of risk, communication, and migration.


In her present research, mainly conducted within the project "Humans, measures and resilience: New ways of studying risk communication, responsibility and preparedness" Lundgren is studying information needs among the heterogeneous Swedish population in relation to extreme weather events, terrorism and violent incidents, and hybrid warfare and desinformation. An additional aim within the project is to investigate perceptions among the public when it comes to their responsibility to prepare for and mitigate crises. Data is collected through focus groups, interviews, a national survey in collaboration with Sweden Statistics, and experiments in the RCR Simulation Lab.

Minna Lundgren started her postdoctoral project "From communication to action in heterogeneous society: understanding and implementing risk communication in practice" in April 2018. Communicating about risks constitutes an important part of a society's crisis prevention work. How well risk communication can reach the public has a great impact on how people can manage with different crises and hazards. The purpose of the project is to study risk communication in heterogeneous and complex environments based on a recipient perspective, with a focus on how different groups of recipients understand and act in relation to the risks communicated. The project is funded by the Swedish Civil Protection and Emergency Agency (MSB).

Lundgren has also been involved in several projects focusing sustainable housing solutions for newly arrived refugees and migrants, one of them being HåSa - Sustainable Social Building, funded by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth.

Teaching and tutoring

Her teaching spans from introductory courses in Sociology to undergraduate courses in leadership, intersectionality and working life, sociological methods and graduate courses in ethics, and graduate courses in research ethics.

Minna Lundgren has over ten years of experience of supervision of undergraduate students in Sociology. She has also previous experience from supervision and teaching courses in the bachelors program in Social Work (social law, disability, organization theory, migration and integration).

Other information

Minna Lundgren presently leads the project Risk and crisis management education for a safer Ukraine (SAFE Ukraine) in collaboration with the Department of Sociology at Karazin Kharkiv National University, Ukraine. The project is funded by the Swedish Institute 

Extra contact information

Trust and Risk Assessment in Relation to the Novel Coronavirus

From communication to action in heterogeneous societies (in Swedish)

Minna Lundgren at Natural Hazards Center


Articles in journals

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Articles, book reviews

Lundgren, M. (2020). The Dynamics of Identity Negotiation in a Border Region: The Case of Georgian Azeri-Turks of Kvemo Kartli : Recension av Karli-Jo T. Storms avhandling.. Nordisk Østforum, vol. 34, pp. 128-130.    

Chapters in books

Wikström, E. , Eriksson, M. & Lundgren, M. (2023). Bostad för alla : Socialt hållbar bostadsförsörjning för nyanlända flyktingar. In Socialtjänstens arbete med social hållbarhet : Insatser på individ-, grupp- och samhällsnivå. Lund : Studentlitteratur AB. pp. 215-232.

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Conference papers

Klinga, M. & Lundgren, M. (2023). Understandings of disinformation in the Swedish heterogeneous society : experiences and vulnerabilities. Paper presented at the ESA RN22 & ISA TG04 Midterm Conference 2023, Danish Sociological Association, University of Southern Denmark, Esbjerg, Denmark October 26-27, 2023

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Doctoral theses

Lundgren, M. (2016). Boundaries of displacement : Belonging and Return among Forcibly Displaced Young Georgians from Abkhazia. Dis. (Comprehensive summary) Östersund : Mittuniversitetet, 2016 (Mid Sweden University doctoral thesis : 250)  


Lundgren, M. (2017). Rasism mot samer på SVT Jämtlands Facebooksida. Östersund.  


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