Stefan Linde

Universitetslektor|Senior Lecturer


Articles in journals

Poelzer, G. , Linde, S. , Jagers, S. C. & Matti, S. (2021). Digging in the dark : reviewing international literature to address impending policy challenges for Swedish and Finnish mining. Mineral Economics, vol. 34: 2, pp. 225-238.    

Linde, S. (2020). The Politicization of Risk : Party Cues, Polarization, and Public Perceptions of Climate Change Risk. Risk Analysis, vol. 40: 10, pp. 2002-2018.    

Linde, S. (2018). Climate policy support under political consensus : exploring the varying effect of partisanship and party cues. Environmental Politics, vol. 27: 2, pp. 228-246.  

Linde, S. (2018). Political communication and public support for climate mitigation policies : a country-comparative perspective. Climate Policy, vol. 18: 5, pp. 543-555.  

Jagers, S. , Linde, S. , Martinsson, J. & Matti, S. (2017). Testing the Importance of Individuals'€™ Motives for Explaining Environmentally Significant Behavior. Social Science Quarterly, vol. 98: 2, pp. 644-658.  

Poulton, M. M. , Jagers, S. , Linde, S. , Zyl, D. V. , Danielson, L. J. & Matti, S. (2013). State of the world'€™s nonfuel mineral resources : supply, demand, and socio-institutional fundamentals. Annual Review Environment and Resources, vol. 38, pp. 345-371.  

Doctoral theses

Stefan, L. (2018). Communication and Cooperation : A Study of the Relationship Between Political Communication and Large-Scale Collective Action. Dis. (Comprehensive summary) Luleå University of Technology, 2018 (Doctoral thesis / Luleå University of Technology 1 jan 1997 → ... : )


Linde, S. , Matti, S. & Jagers, S. (2012). Political and institutional prerequisites for successful mining establishment and development : a synthesis of social science research. Luleå University of Technology, Social Sciences

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