Lara Rodriguez

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Articles in journals

Carrasco-Marginet, M. , Castizo-Olier, J. , Rodríguez-Zamora, L. , Iglesias, X. , Rodríguez, F. A. , Chaverri, D. , Brotons, D. & Irurtia, A. (2017). Bioelectrical impedance vector analysis (BIVA) for measuring the hydration status in young elite synchronized swimmers. PLoS ONE, vol. 12: 6    

Conference papers

Rodríguez-Zamora, L. , Patrician, A. , Starfelt, V. , Olander, C. , Lodin-Sundström, A. & Schagatay, E. (2016). Physiological responses to apnea at sea level predict SaO2 at simulated 5300 m altitude. Paper presented at the 8th European Hypoxia Symposium: High altitude and isobaric hypoxia influence on human performance: science and practice, Police, Slovenia, 8 - 11 September 2016

Rodríguez-Zamora, L. , Lodin-Sundström, A. , Engan, H. K. , Höök, M. , Patrician, A. , Degerström, E. & Schagatay, E. (2015). Effects of altitude acclimatization on spleen volume and contraction during submaximal and maximal work in lowlanders. Paper presented at the 20th Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science (ECSS), Malmö, June 24-27, 2015

Rodríguez-Zamora, L. , Engan, H. K. , Lodin-Sundström, A. , Iglesias, X. , Rodríguez, F. A. & Schagatay, E. (2013). Blood lactate after competitive free diving and synchronized swimming events. Paper presented at the 18th annual congress of the European College of Sports Science Unifying sport science, 26-29 June, Barcelona, Spain