Linda Rönnberg


  • Professional title: Doktorand
  • Department: Department of Nursing Sciences (OMV)
  • Telephone: 010-142 80 19
  • Email:
  • Room number: K241


Articles in journals

Rönnberg, L. , Nilsson, U. , Hellzén, O. & Melin-Johansson, C. (2019). The Art Is to Extubate, Not to Intubate-Swedish Registered Nurse Anesthetists' Experiences of the Process of Extubation After General Anesthesia. Journal of Perianesthesia Nursing, vol. 34: 4, pp. 789-800.  

Melin-Johansson, C. , Palmqvist, R. & Rönnberg, L. (2017). Clinical intuition in the nursing process and decision-making : A mixed studies review. Journal of Clinical Nursing, vol. 26: 23-24, pp. 3936-3949.  

Rönnberg, L. & Nilsson, U. (2015). Swedish Nurse Anesthetists' Experiences of the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist. Journal of Perianesthesia Nursing, vol. 30: 6, pp. 468-475.

Licentiate theses, comprehensive summaries

Rönnberg, L. (2020). Tracheal Extubation of Patients Cared for in the Anesthesia Setting : Experiences Described by Registered Nurse Anesthetists and Anesthesiologists. Lic. (Comprehensive summary) Sundsvall : Mid Sweden University, 2020 (Mid Sweden University licentiate thesis : 170)