Elin Montelius

Universitetslektor|Senior Lecturer


PhD-student in sociology.


My research focuses on how food risks are constructed and articulated, from an intersectional perspective. My research is carried out in relation to the Forum for Gender Studies and the Risk and Crisis Research Centre.


Articles in journals

Montelius, E. (2024). Growing utopia – undoing risk through self-sufficiency and urban gardening?. Journal of Risk Research,  

Kvarnlöf, L. , Montelius, E. & Danielsson, E. (2022). Privilegierad prepping när beredskap mest blir konsumtion. ETC,  

Kvarnlöf, L. & Montelius, E. (2020). Militariseringen av Covid-19. Dagens Arena, vol. Mars: 31

Montelius, E. & Giritli Nygren, K. (2014). 'Doing' risk, 'doing' difference : towards an understanding of the intersections of risk, morality and taste. Health, Risk and Society, vol. 16: 5, pp. 431-443.  

Chapters in books

Kvarnlöf, L. & Montelius, E. (2020). Den kvinnliga hemberedskapen : Genus och ansvar i krisberedskapskampanjer. In Genus, risk och kris. Lunda : Studentlitteratur AB.

Doctoral theses

Montelius, E. (2020). Att göra det materiella virtuellt : Subjektifiering, moral och motstånd i konstruktionen av den riskfyllda mathållningen. Dis. Sundsvall : Mittuniversitetet, 2020 (Mid Sweden University doctoral thesis : 330)  

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