Manisha Phadatare


  • Professional title: Postdoc
  • Department: Department of Natural Sciences (NAT)
  • Telephone: 010-142 78 85
  • Email:
  • Room number: S420
  • Research centers: Fibre Science and Communication Network
  • Subject: Physics


Articles in journals

Dhumal, J. , Phadatare, M. , Deshmukh, S. G. & Shahane, G. S. (2020). Enhanced heating ability of Fe–Mn–Gd ferrite nanoparticles for magnetic fluid hyperthermia. Journal of materials science. Materials in electronics, vol. 31, pp. 11457-11469.  

Rastabi, S. A. , Mamoory, R. S. , Blomquist, N. , Phadatare, M. R. & Olin, H. (2020). Synthesis of a NiMoO4/3D-rGO nanocomposite via starch medium precipitation method for supercapacitor performance. Batteries, vol. 6: 1    

Koli, R. R. , Phadatare, M. R. , Sinha, B. B. , Sakate, D. M. , Ghule, A. V. , Ghodake, G. S. , Deshpande, N. G. & Fulari, V. J. (2019). Gram bean extract-mediated synthesis of Fe3O4 nanoparticles for tuning the magneto-structural properties that influence the hyperthermia performance. Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers / Elsevier, vol. 95, pp. 357-368.  

Phadatare, M. R. , Patil, R. , Blomquist, N. , Forsberg, S. , Örtegren, J. , Hummelgård, M. , Meshram, J. , Hernández, G. & et al. (2019). Silicon-Nanographite Aerogel-Based Anodes for High Performance Lithium Ion Batteries. Scientific Reports, vol. 9    

Rastabi, S. A. , Mamoory, R. S. , Dabir, F. , Blomquist, N. , Phadatare, M. R. & Olin, H. (2019). Synthesis of NiMoO4/3D-rGO Nanocomposite in Alkaline Environments for Supercapacitor Electrodes. Crystals, vol. 9: 1    

Meshram, J. , Koli, V. B. , Borde, L. C. , Phadatare, M. R. & Pawar, S. H. (2018). Structural, spectroscopic and anti-microbial inspection of PEG capped ZnO nanoparticles for biomedical applications. Materials Research Express, vol. 5: 4  

Phadatare, M. R. , Meshram, J. V. , Gurav, K. V. , Kim, J. H. & Pawar, S. H. (2016). Enhancement of specific absorption rate by exchange coupling of the core–shell structure of magnetic nanoparticles for magnetic hyperthermia. Journal of Physics D, vol. 49: 9  

Conference papers

Dhumal, J. , Bandgar, S. S. , Phadatare, M. R. & Shahane, G. S. (2018). Citrate capped Fe0.7Mn0.3Fe2O4 ferrite nanoparticles for hyperthermia. In AIP Conference Proceedings. (AIP Conference Proceedings)