Manisha Phadatare

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Articles in journals

Koli, R. R. , Phadatare, M. R. , Sinha, B. B. , Sakate, D. M. , Ghule, A. V. , Ghodake, G. S. , Deshpande, N. G. & Fulari, V. J. (2019). Gram bean extract-mediated synthesis of Fe3O4 nanoparticles for tuning the magneto-structural properties that influence the hyperthermia performance. Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers / Elsevier, vol. 95, pp. 357-368.  

Rastabi, S. A. , Mamoory, R. S. , Dabir, F. , Blomquist, N. , Phadatare, M. R. & Olin, H. (2019). Synthesis of NiMoO4/3D-rGO Nanocomposite in Alkaline Environments for Supercapacitor Electrodes. Crystals, vol. 9: 1