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Muniarajan Ramakrishnan

Universitetslektor|Senior Lecturer

  • Professional title: Senior Lecturer
  • Area of responsibility: Psychiatry, clinical neuropsychology and clinical psychophysiology.
  • Department: Department of Psychology and Social Work (PSO)
  • Telephone: +46 (0)10-1428774
  • Email:
  • Visitor address: Kunskapens väg 8,
  • Room number: P1206
  • Location: Östersund


• Doctors in Clinical Psych (Neuropsych and clinical psychophysiology) UW, Federal Republic of Germany (2012)
• MS Psych Bharathiar University (May 2008)
• Bachelors med University of Madras (May 2006)
• Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management (PGDHRM) - Pondicherry University (2008)
• Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance and Counseling (PGDGC) (Psychotherapy) - Annamalai University (2007)

Professional Affiliations:

• The British Psychological Society, U.K - Chartered Psychologist (Reg: 253893, 14th July 2014) and Associate Fellow (Reg: 253893, 08th July 2015)
• The British Science Council, U.K - Chartered Scientist (Reg: BPS/118/253893, 08th July 2015)
• Association of German Professional Psychologists, Germany (Reg: 54529, 01 November 2013 - 2016)
• The Australian Psychological Society, Australia (Reg: 183081, 09th November 2016)
• Singapore Psychological Society, Singapore (Reg: FM017006M , 03rd January 2017)
• Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association, Australia - Full Member
• Schizophrenia Society of Canada, Canada - Member
• International Society of Critical Health Psychology, New Zealand - Member
• International Association for Youth Mental Health, Australia - Member
• International Society for Evidenced-Based Healthcare, Australia - Member
• International Association of Holistic Psychology - International Life Member
• Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists – Member
• American Psychological Association, USA - Member (APAGAS) (2005-2007)
• European Association of Clinical Psychology and Psychological Treatment (Reg: 37223SE)
• IEPA Early Intervention in Mental Health Association, Australia (Reg: RAMM21SE, 19th April 2021)


Just an another academician who specialized in mental health and clinical psychophysiology. I enjoy teaching, sharing knowledge and learning from others. Ever since my graduation I have continued to work in area of schizophrenia. My doctoral research was about sleep and neurocognition in patients with schizophrenia. I was very interested in research. Then I was pained to see the disparity in affordability, equability and accessibility of mental health care to everyone in many countries.

Research is important, but I am also more concerned about how do we give whatever the advancement in diagnosis and treatment currently available to everyone equally. Whatever the advancement available has improved the patients lives. Everybody is not getting it. For many mental healthcare is still a luxury and not accessible. And many lacks awareness. Research funds are mostly taxes paid by people of all socioeconomic class. Whatever the advancement in research and treatment we make; we must ensure the benefits reaches people of all socioeconomic status equally.

I thought I could do something to help the people who need help from my education, experience and skills. So, I have decided to offer free psychological help to anyone who need psychological help from 2013. As part of this i have traveled to Colombia in 2018 and 2019. I also continue to offer number of free mental health awareness and preventive mental health programs based on the needs of the specific county where I am based. Knowledge and science should be free and open for everyone.

As most of you are studying and aspiring to become a mental health professional, kindly please allow me to say few words. Every mental health professional should take their profession as a mission and not just as a job. Healing is our job. The component of the mission that we are responsible for the patients whom we accept for treatment is very vital. The sense of compassion, empathy, acceptance and the need to do the best. Whatever we do we must do superlatively well to our patient. This is the reward by itself and self-fulfilling.

In case if you are interested i would be happy to share my study, work, volunteering and charity experience in Germany, Turkey, Colombia and Norway. It may give some insights about different health care/educational systems, psychiatric epidemiology, regulations and current needs in those countries.

Area of interest

Clinical psychophysiology, psychiatry, Neuropsychology, schizophrenia, addiction, preventive mental health, mental well-being, mental health awareness, neuroscience and Sleep.


Child Maltreatment: identifying Socio-Emotional Consequences (With Prof. Dr. Monique Pfaltz -Department of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry and Psychosomatic Medicine – University of Zurich Hospital, Switzerland)

Teaching and tutoring

Bachelors Program

HT19 PS078A Research Methods and Statistics for psychology program*
HT19/20/21 PS089G Perception
HT20/VT21 PS119G Biological psychology and psychophysiology for psychologist program*
VT19 PS059A The Biology of Emotions*
VT20 PS126G Personality psychology for psychologist program*
VT19/VT21 PS131G Clinical psychology for psychologist program*
VT20 PS123G Social psychology for psychologist program
VT21/HT21 PS128G Psychopathology and psychiatry*
VT21 PS119G Biological psychology and psychophysiology for psychologist program*
HT21 PS142G Personality and social psychology
HT21 PS089A Evidence-Based Psychological Treatment and Psychotherapy Part 3*

Masters Program

HT19/VT21 PS066A Emotion and work*
HT19/VT21 PS064A Affective neuroscience and Psychophysiology*
HT19/VT21 PS063A  Emotion and Psychopathology
HT20 PS059A The Biology of Emotions*
HT20 PS055A Emotion and Cognition*
HT20 PS058A Research method II, Research Methods in Emotion Psychology* 
VT21 PS069A  Research Methods III, Advanced Research Methods and Statistics*
VT22 PS052A - Emotion theory*
VT22 PS101A - Emotion and health

Spring semester (VT) Autumn semester (HT)
* Partly Shared with colleagues

Other information

Distinguished expert talks personally initiated and organized:  

Current Tenure:

  1. “Emotion, Emotion Regulation, and Psychopathology: An Affective Science Perspective”by Prof. Dr. James J. Gross - Stanford University, and Director of the Stanford Psychophysiology Laboratory
  2. “Personality Disorders”by Prof. Dr. Robert L Trestman MD., PhD by Senior vice president, Professor, and Chair of Psychiatry for Carilion Clinic and Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine. 
  3. “The Five-Factor Model, Five-Factor Theory, and Psychobiography” by Dr. Robert R. McCrae - Personality Psychologist and Senior Investigator Personality, Stress and Coping Section Laboratory of Personality and Cognition. National Institute of Aging (National Institutes of Health -NIH /United States Department of Health and Human Services)
  4. “Gender Stereotypes”by Prof. Dr. Alice H. Eagly - Professor Emeritus at the department of psychology - Northwestern University
  5. “The Psychology of Extraversion”by Prof. Dr. Randy J. Larsen - Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences, Washington University in St. Louis
  6. “How to judge personality (more) accurately”By Prof. Dr. David C. Funder - Distinguished Professor of Psychology at University of California, Riverside
  7. Q & A Session with Prof. Dr. Richard E. Petty - distinguished University Professor of Psychology at The Ohio State University
  8. Q and A Sessionwith Prof. Dr. Lewis R. Goldberg – Professor emeritus at the University of Oregon
  9. “The Psychology of Pandemics”by Prof. Dr. Steven Taylor - Department of Psychiatry at the University of British Columbia
  10. “People -Centered Intelligences”by Prof. John D. Mayer - University of New Hampshire
  11. “A Dimensional Representation of Emotion”by Prof. Dr. James A. Russell - Boston College
  12. “Neuroimaging and Psychophysiological studies of Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)” by Prof. Dr. Lisa M. Shin, Tufts University
  13. “Schizophrenia: Where we were, where we failed, and where we are going” by Prof. Dr. William T. Carpenter, M.D - University of Maryland School of Medicine.
  14. “Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment of Neuropsychiatric Syndromes in Alzheimer’s Disease” by Prof. Dr. Jeffrey L. Cummings, MD, ScD - Director, Chambers-Grundy Center for Transformative Neuroscience, Department of Brain Health - University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
  15. “As Soon as There Was Life There Was Danger” by Prof. Dr. Joseph LeDoux - New York University, and director of the Emotional Brain Institute.
  16. “Exploring Connections between Psychological Well-Being and Health” by Prof. Dr. Carol Ryff - University of Wisconsin - Madison.
  1. Previous Tenure (2014-2017)

1.“Mind in nonhuman agents: Developmental Cybernetics" by Prof. Dr. Shoji Itakura of The University of Kyoto, Japan

2.“Theory of mind in early childhood " by Prof. Dr. Virgina Slaughter of Early cognitive development center, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

3.“Redefining teaching and learning in the 21st century" by Harvard visiting Prof. Dr. Rosa Maria of The Pablo de Olavide University, Spain

4-“Dyslexia - Assessment and Treatment" by Prof. Dr. Evelin Witruk of The University of Leipzig, Germany

Volunteering, charity work, and community outreach activities: June 2013 – July 2019:

  • Offered completely free psychological help for two hours in the evening on weekdays & four hours on weekends for anyone who need psychological help. June 2003 – December 2009:
  • Created and moderated communities like psychologist community, psychology student’s community, world mental health community, clinical psychology, mental health help and 20 other communities related to mental health and healthcare field which had strength of 25,500+ national and international members. Vast number of topics are discussed in all these communities. Networked 13,500 psychology students, psychologists, academics, professors, and experts.
  • Organized and conducted awareness programs to various SES groups and students (mental health awareness, dispelling myths of mental illness, child abuse and drug addiction awareness programs).
  • Assisted students with career research and exploration activities. Provided students with information and decision-making strategies related to major and career choices. Administered career counseling to various student groups and prepared and given handouts and career planner and HS study plan.
  • Assisted psychology students by addressing their enquiries by mails, giving career information, networking, and knowledge sharing.

Free workshops and training programs offered:

  • Psychological well-being in workplace • Positive mental health for physical well-being • Mental health first aid • Cardiovascular fitness and psychological health • Sleep hygiene, immunity, and promotive mental health • Chronic diseases, psychological coping, and self-management strategies • Improving personal confidence, self-esteem, and assertiveness at work • Coping with parental and familial mental illness • Prevention of depression and depressive symptomatology • Pre-employment mental health assessment • Preventive drug addiction • Practicing compassion • Using Psychology to improve exam performance • Overcoming the stigma of mental illness • Art of listening

Publications: •  Pfaltz M, C, Halligan S, L, Haim-Nachum S, Sopp M, R, Åhs F, Bachem R, Bartoli E, Belete H, Belete T, Berzengi A, Dukes D, Essadek A, Iqbal N, Jobson L, Langevin R, Levy-Gigi E, Lüönd A, M, Martin-Soelch C, Michael T, Oe M, Olff M, Ceylan D, Raghavan V, Ramakrishnan M, Sar V, Spies G, Wadji D, L, Wamser-Nanney R, Fares-Otero N, E, Schnyder U, Seedat S: (2022). Social Functioning in Individuals Affected by Childhood Maltreatment: Establishing a Research Agenda to Inform Interventions. Psychother Psychosom 2022. doi: 10.1159/000523667 • Ramakrishnan, M (2012) Sleep and problem solving in schizophrenia. e-publications (published - open access), Universitätbibiliothek Wuppertal, Wuppertal, Germany. • Ramakrishnan, M., Sartory, G., van Beekum, A., Lohrmann, T. & Pietrowsky, R. (2012) Sleep-related cognitive function and the K-complex in schizophrenia. Behavioural Brain Research – Elsevier Refer complete publication list .

Invited Talks:

  • Neurocognition and polysomnographic features in patients with schizophrenia (Invited by Prof. Dr. med. Alfons Schnitzler - Neurologist) Institute of Clinical Neuroscience and Medical Psychology, Centre for Movement Disorders and Neuromodulation, Heinrich Heine University of Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, Germany (09th June 2011)
  • Integrated research on Social & individual development-University of Luxembourg (01 Feb 2012)
  • Sleep and neurocognition (IKBU– Department of Psychology) (20th March 2014) Conference


  • Sleep and problem solving in schizophrenia - DGPs Fachgruppe für Klinische Psychologie und Psychotherapie 2011 – Berlin, Germany. • Sleep and memory consolidation in schizophrenia - Johannes Gutenberg- Universität Mainz, Symposium der Fachgruppe Klinische Psychologie und Psychotherapie der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Psychologie (DGPs) 2010 – Mainz, Germany. • Memory consolidation during sleep in schizophrenia (15th Biennial Winter Workshop on Psychosis - WWP, November 2009), Barcelona, Spain.


  • Journal of Management and Business: Research and Practice - Editor (Faculty of Management, University of Presov, Slovakia)


  • Doctorate – DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) - STIBET stipendium

Personal Initiative for internationalization of the University during previous Tenure:

  • Took a self-initiative and successfully made 150+ international collaborative agreements (academic, exchange and research) with 100+ Universities (January 2014 - August 2017) worldwide. Most of the agreements are made with internationally well reputed and renowned Universities. Worked on establishing double degree and international joint master program under DAAD/Erasmus are on progressive stages.

Individual research projects:

  • Physical health status, quality of life & coping in schizophrenia (Master thesis) • Depression in chronic schizophrenia. • Suicidal ideations in patients with chronic schizophrenia. • Cognitive functions in schizophrenia. • Reasons for living in patients with chronic schizophrenia. • Improving working conditions for better productivity (Bachelor - Internship project)

Erasmus Invites and visits:

  • University of Tübingen, University of Magdeburg, University of Reykjavik, University of Luxembourg, Strod/Haugesund University College, Norway, University of Heidelberg, University of Leipzig, University of Erfurt, University of Jena and University of Brno.


Articles, reviews/surveys

Pfaltz, M. C. , Halligan, S. L. , Haim-Nachum, S. , Sopp, M. R. , Åhs, F. , Bachem, R. , Bartoli, E. , Belete, H. & et al. (2022). Social Functioning in Individuals Affected by Childhood Maltreatment : Establishing a Research Agenda to Inform Interventions. Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, vol. 91: 4, pp. 238-251.    

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