Mikael Nordenmark

Prefekt|Head of Department


I obtained my doctor's degree in Sociology in 1999 on the thesis "Unemployment, Employment Commitment and well-being - The Psycho-social Meaning of (Un)employment among Women and Men". I became Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology, Umeå University 2003. Since 2006 I holds a position as Professor in Rehabilitation Sciences at the Department of Health Sciences, Mid Sweden University


Main research interests are relationships among working life, family life, gender and well-being in a Swedish and international perspective. Generally speaking, the research concerns two central aspects of working life; 1) Unemployment, inactivity, work motivation and psychosocial well-being 2) The conflict/balance between work life and family life, and its connection to health. Most research has a longitudinal and/or comparative approach. I has been a Research Fellow at the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study (SCAS) in Uppsala and at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS) in Stanford.

Teaching and tutoring

I have taught in a number of different subject areas such as sociological theory, scientific theory and method as well as on various aspects of working life conditions.


Articles in journals

Nordenmark, M. , Landstad, B. , Tjulin, Å. & Vinberg, S. (2023). Life Satisfaction among Self-Employed People in Different Welfare Regimes during the COVID-19 Pandemic : Significance of Household Finances and Concerns about Work. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, vol. 20: 6  

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Articles, book reviews

Nordenmark, M. (2009). Combining work and care in Russia and Sweden. Zhanna Kravchenkos PhD thesis, Department of Sociology, Stockholm University. Sociologisk forskning, : 1, pp. 100-102.


Nordenmark, M. (2004). Arbetsliv, familjeliv och kön. Umeå : Boréa

Chapters in books

Vinberg, S. , Nordenmark, M. & Landstad, B. J. (2023). Arbetsgivarens ansvar för arbetsmiljö- och rehabiliteringsarbete. In Rehabiliteringsvetenskap : Perspektiv, aktörer och strategier för hälsa i arbetslivet. Studentlitteratur AB. pp. 227-247.

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Collections (editor)

Nordenmark, M. (ed.) & Rashid, S. (ed.) (2008). Arbete, hälsa och kön. Sundsvall : Mittuniversitetet (Genusstudier vid Mittuniversitetet 2).  

Conference papers

Hansson, J. , Nordenmark, M. , Tjulin, Å. , Landstad, B. & Vinberg, S. (2023). Socio-Ecological Factors and Well-Being among Self-Employed in Europe during the COVID-19 Pandemic. In 10th Nordic Health Promotion Research Conference June 14-16 2023, Halmstad June 14–16, 2023 : Sustainability and the impact on health and well-being. Halmstad :

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Doctoral theses

Nordenmark, M. (1999). Unemployment, Employment Commitment and Well-being : The Psychosocial Meaning of (Un)employment among Women and Men. Dis. Umeå : Umeå univ., 1999 (Doctoral theses at the Department of Sociology : 10)


Nordenmark, M. (2011). Sverige blir jämställt redan under 2020-talet. Stockholm : DN-debatt..


Vinberg, S. , Landstad, B. , Tjulin, Å. , Nordenmark, M. & Hansson, J. (2024). Småföretag och Covid-19 : – ledares lärdomar inför framtida kriser. Sundsvall : Mid Sweden University  

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