Louise Östberg

Universitets-/Högskoleadjunkt |Assistant lecturer


Conference papers

Östberg, L. & Eriksson, M. (2023). Collaborative improvement as driver for excellence – findings from a systematic literature review. In 26th Excellence in Services International Conference (31 August – 1 September 2023, University of West Scotland, Paisley) : Conference Proceedings.  

Lilja, J. , Snyder, K. , Jørgensen, R. , Hedlund, C. & Östberg, L. (2023). Exploring an ecosystemic and regenerative approach to quality management : towards new theory and practice for a living world. Paper presented at the EUROMA - A Systems Lens on Operations, Leuven, Belgium, July 3-5, 2023

Snyder, K. , Lilja, J. & Östberg, L. (2023). Reimagining research on organisations as living systems through participatory and arts-based practices : Insights from the field. Paper presented at the NEON Conference

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