Sara Ödmark

Filosofie Doktor |Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Former journalist with a background working for Swedish television and Swedish radio.

Area of interest

Political comedy

Research projects


Political humor


Articles in journals

Ödmark, S. & Nicolaï, J. (2024). Between Headlines and Punchlines : Journalistic Role Performance in Western News Satire. Journalism Practice,    

Ödmark, S. (2023). Moral Judgment and Social Critique in Journalistic News Satire. Journalism and Media, vol. 4: 4, pp. 1169-1181.  

Ödmark, S. (2021). De-contextualisation fuels controversy : the double-edged sword of humour in a hybrid media environment. The European Journal of Humour Research, vol. 9: 3, pp. 49-64.    

Ödmark, S. (2021). Making news funny : Differences in news framing between journalists and comedians. Journalism - Theory, Practice & Criticism, vol. 22: 6, pp. 1540-1557.  

Ödmark, S. (2021). Moral Transgressors vs. Moral Entrepreneurs : The Curious Case of Comedy Accountability in an Era of Social Platform Dependence. Journal of Media Ethics, vol. 36: 4, pp. 220-234.  

Ödmark, S. & Harvard, J. (2021). The democratic roles of satirists. Popular Communication, vol. 19: 4, pp. 281-294.    

Koivukoski, J. & Ödmark, S. (2020). Producing Journalistic News Satire : How Nordic Satirists Negotiate a Hybrid Genre. Journalism Studies, vol. 21: 6, pp. 731-747.  

Wadbring, I. & Ödmark, S. (2016). Going Viral : News Sharing and Shared News in Social Media. Observatorio (OBS*), vol. 10: 4, pp. 132-149.    

Chapters in books

Wadbring, I. & Ödmark, S. (2019). Den virala vinden : Om de nyheter som lajkas, delas och kommenteras. In Nyheter - allt mer en tolkningsfråga? : Mediestudiers innehållsanalys 2007-2018. Institutet för Mediestudier. pp. 47-58.  

Ödmark, S. (2019). Komikern som nyhetsförmedlare. In Nyheter - allt mer en tolkningsfråga? : Mediestudiers innehållsanalys 2007-2018. Institutet för Mediestudier. pp. 145-152.  

Ödmark, S. (2018). "Det var över gränsen!" Politisk humor som vattendelare, ventil och katalysator. In Snabbtänkt : Reflektioner från valet 2018 av ledande forskare. Sundsvall : Mid Sweden University, DEMICOM. pp. 92-92.  

Wadbring, I. & Ödmark, S. (2014). Delad glädje är dubbel glädje?. In Mittfåra och marginal. Göteborg : SOM-institutet (SOM-rapport).  

Conference papers

Ödmark, S. (2019). Challenging consensus: Three comedy controversies and what they tell us about the double-edged sword of humour. In Panel: Political humour scandals and sensations in Nordic media publicity, Nordmedia, Malmö, August 2019..

Ödmark, S. (2019). The Comedian as a Journalistic Actor : Self-Perceptions and Ideals of Political Satirists. Paper presented at the The 69th Annual International Communication Association Conference, Washington, D.C., 24-28 May, 2019

Ödmark, S. (2018). Making news funny - differences in news framing between journalism and political comedy. Paper presented at the ECREA 2018, Lugano, Switzerland, 31 October - 3 November, 2018

Karlsson, M. , Ingela, W. & Ödmark, S. (2017). Towards Politicized Tabloid News Online? : A Methodological Assessment of the Spreading of Online News. Paper presented at the International Communication Association 2017

Wadbring, I. & Ödmark, S. (2015). From Kittens to Racism : News Sharing and Shared News in Social Media. Paper presented at the The 22nd Nordic Conference on Media and Communication Research, Copenhagen, August 13-15, 2015

Doctoral theses

Ödmark, S. (2021). Jester, journalist, or just jerk? The roles of political comedians in societal debate. Dis. (Comprehensive summary) Sundsvall : Mid Sweden University, 2021 (Mid Sweden University doctoral thesis : 350)  


Wadbring, I. & Ödmark, S. (2014). Delad glädje är dubbel glädje : En studie om nyhetsdelning i sociala medier. Sundsvall : Mittuniversitetet (DEMICOM rapport 20).  

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