Frank Pernett


Articles in journals

Lindblom, H. , Pernett, F. , Schagatay, E. & Holmström, P. (2024). Effect of exercise intensity and apnea on splenic contraction and hemoglobin increase in well-trained cross-country skiers. European Journal of Applied Physiology,    

Mulder, E. , Längle, L. , Pernett, F. , Bouten, J. , Sieber, A. & Schagatay, E. (2023). Case Studies in Physiology : Is blackout in breath-hold diving related to cardiac arrhythmias?. Journal of applied physiology, vol. 134: 4, pp. 951-956.  

Pernett, F. , Bergenhed, P. , Holmström, P. , Mulder, E. & Schagatay, E. (2023). Effects of hyperventilation on oxygenation, apnea breaking points, diving response, and spleen contraction during serial static apneas. European Journal of Applied Physiology, vol. 123: 8, pp. 1809-1824.  

Mulder, E. , Pernett, F. & Schagatay, E. (2023). Reply to Lemaître and Costalat. Journal of applied physiology, vol. 135: 4, pp. 728-729.  

Holmström, P. , Pernett, F. & Schagatay, E. (2022). Test–retest reliability of splenic volume assessment by ultrasonography. Scientific Reports, vol. 12: 1  

Mulder, E. , Pernett, F. & Schagatay, E. (2021). A more holistic view could contribute to our understanding of ‘silent hypoxaemia’ in Covid -19 patients. Journal of Physiology, vol. 599: 14, pp. 3627-3628.  

Patrician, A. , Pernett, F. , Lodin-Sundström, A. & Schagatay, E. (2021). Association Between Arterial Oxygen Saturation and Lung Ultrasound B-Lines After Competitive Deep Breath-Hold Diving. Frontiers in Physiology, vol. 12    

Pernett, F. , Schagatay, F. , Vildevi, C. & Schagatay, E. (2021). Spleen Contraction During Sudden Eupneic Hypoxia Elevates Hemoglobin Concentration. Frontiers in Physiology, vol. 12    

McKnight, J. C. , Mulder, E. , Ruesch, A. , Kainerstorfer, J. M. , Wu, J. , Hakimi, N. , Balfour, S. , Bronkhorst, M. & et al. (2021). When the human brain goes diving : using near-infrared spectroscopy to measure cerebral and systemic cardiovascular responses to deep, breath-hold diving in elite freedivers. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Biological Sciences, vol. 376: 1831  

Chapters in books

Pernett, F. (2020). Capitulo 37 : Ventilacion Mecanica en EPOC. In EPOC : Diagnostico y tratamiento integral. Editorial Medica Panamericana.

Doctoral theses

Pernett, F. (2024). Hypoxic Blackout in Serial Freediving – Protective Mechanisms and Risk Factors. Dis. (Comprehensive summary) Sundsvall : Mid Sweden University, 2024 (Mid Sweden University doctoral thesis : 405)  

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