Kari Pihl

Verksamhetsansvarig|Head of Unit


Articles in journals

Petridou, E. , Sparf, J. , Hemmingsson, O. & Pihl, K. (2023). Immersive simulation and experimental design in risk and crisis management : Implications for learning. Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, vol. 31: 4, pp. 1009-1017.  

Chapters in books

Petridou, E. , Sparf, J. & Pihl, K. (2020). Resilience work in Swedish local governance : Evidence from the areas of climate change adaptation, migration, and violent extremism. In Understanding Disaster Risk : A Multidimensional Approach. Amsterdam : Elsevier. pp. 225-238.  

Conference papers

Pihl, K. & Sparf, J. (2018). RCR Lab - Enhanced Learning In A Virtual And Physical Immersion Classroom, Part Of Producing Innovative Research For Regional Development. In 12Th International Technology, Education And Development Conference (Inted). (INTED Proceedings). pp. 5298--5298.


Humphry, J. & Pihl, K. (2016). Making Connections : Young people, homelessness and digital access in the city.

Pihl, K. , Lala, G. , Bellerose, D. & Third, A. (2016). PROJECT ROCKIT Online : Evaluation Report.  

Third, A. , Bellerose, D. , Dawkins, U. , Keltie, E. & Pihl, K. (2014). Children’s rights in the digital age : A download from children around the world. Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre  

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