Pär Löfstrand


  • Professional title: Researcher
  • Academic title: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  • Department: Department of Psychology and Social Work (PSO)
  • Telephone: +46 (0)10-1428302
  • Email: par.lofstrand@miun.se
  • Visitor address: Hus P
  • Room number: P1322a
  • Location: Östersund
  • Employee in the subject: Psychology


Articles in journals

Löfstrand, P. & Zakrisson, I. (2017). "What about the child issue?" Group negotiations of gender and parenthood contracts in recruitment situations. SOCIETY HEALTH & VULNERABILITY, vol. 8: Sup 1, pp. 1-12.    

Löfstrand, P. & Zakrisson, I. (2014). Competitive Versus Non-Competitive Goals in Group Decision-Making. Small Group Research, vol. 45: 4, pp. 451-464.  

Zakrisson, I. & Löfstrand, P. (2010). Vem får vara med och vem bestämmer? : Om exklusion och inklusion i idrottsföreningars beslutsfattande. Svensk Idrottsforskning, : 2, pp. 40-43.  

Chapters in books

Jonsson, G. , Bye, R. , Löfstrand, P. , Skoglund, W. & Thorsen, H. (2011). Måste man idrotta på idrottsanläggningen?. In Forskning Tröndelag, 2011. Trondheim : Tapir Akademisk Forlag. pp. 77-103.

Conference papers

Löfstrand, P. & Terp, U. (2021). Hope, Thoughts and Emotions Among Vocational Learning Students. In Book of Abstracts.

Löfstrand, P. & Terp, U. (2021). In the Eye of the Beholder : Students’ perception of what it means to be an effective teacher. In Book of Abstracts.

Löfstrand, P. & Terp, U. (2021). Work Engagement, Psychological Safety and Hope. In Konferensbok.  

Löfstrand, P. & Zakrisson, I. (2019). Ambivalent judgments of targeted groups – an example from a consensus prone culture. In Book of Abstracts.

Zakrisson, I. & Löfstrand, P. (2019). Aspects of Power in Group Decision-Making Situations. In Book of Abstracts.

Zakrisson, I. & Löfstrand, P. (2019). Contextual Factors and Heterogeneity Influences Degree of Deviance within Groups. In Book of Abstracts.

Zakrisson, I. & Löfstrand, P. (2019). Stereotypic perceptions of occupations : Being a woman, well-educated and nice does not pay. In Book of Abstracts.

Löfstrand, P. (2017). Assessment of the Political Candidate. In Book of Abstracts.

Löfstrand, P. (2017). Majority vs. Minority influence. In Book of Abstracts.

Löfstrand, P. (2014). Conversational Arguments in Small Group Decision Making : Reasoning Activity and Perceived Influence over the Decision are Keys for Success. In Independent in the heard: Inclusion and exclusion as social processes. : Proceedings from the 9th GRASP conference, Linköping University, May 2014. (Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings). pp. 64--81.  

Löfstrand, P. (2007). Rollspel, rasism och genus. In Genusmaraton 2007 : Mittsveriges genusforskare på frammarsch. Östersund : (Genusstudier vid Mittuniversitetet). pp. 45--53.

Löfstrand, P. , Zakrisson, I. , Zipsanse, H. & Bäckström, M. (2006). Does role-playing the situation of a refugee affect racism : Paper presented at International Society fo Political Psychology conference, Barcelona, July 2006..

Zakrisson, I. & Löfstrand, P. (2002). Tolerance, SDO, RWA, and perceived upbringing in Sweden : Paper presented at the ISPP 25th conference in Berlin, Germany, July 16-19, 2002..

Doctoral theses, comprehensive summaries

Löfstrand, P. (2018). Communicating, Negotiating and Stereotyping : The roles of context, situation and gender in small group decision-making. Dis. (Comprehensive summary) Sundsvall : Mid Sweden University, 2018 (Mid Sweden University doctoral thesis : 277)  


Jonsson, G. , Skoglund, W. , Bye, R. , Löfstrand, P. , Thorsen, H. & Sletteröd, N. (2010). Idrottsanläggningars betydelse i lokalsamhället : - bortom det idrottsliga. Delrapport 1.  

Löfstrand, P. & Wallin, K. (2008). Det ideella kulturarvsarbetet, livslångt lärande och social ekonomi. Jamtli Förlag : Östersund (Rapport- Jamtli, Jämtlands Läns Museum 2008:1 2008).

Zakrisson, I. , Skoglund, W. , Jonsson, G. & Löfstrand, P. (2008). Idrottens roll i lokal samhällsutveckling : bortom Real Madrid och storstädernas mångfald. Östersund : JiLU  

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