Per Skoglund

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I am a research engineer on Sports Tech Research Centre and my tasks are to support the researches and maintaining the laboratories. 2016 I graduated as a Master in mechanical engineering at Mid Sweden University and my focus was in the application of additive manufacturing on orthopedic applications.

Area of interest

Additive Manufacturing

Other information

Certified operator on EOS P110 system
Certified operator level 1 on Arcam EBM system


Articles in journals

Chudinova, E. , Surmeneva, M. , Koptyug, A. , Selezneva, I. , Skoglund, P. , Syrtanov, M. & Surmenev, R. (2017). In Vitro Assessment of Hydroxyapatite Coating on the Surface of Additive Manufactured Ti6Al4V Scaffolds. Materials Science Forum, vol. 879, pp. 2444-2449.  

Conference papers

Chudinova, E. , Surmeneva, M. , Koptioug, A. , Skoglund, P. & Surmenev, R. (2016). Additive manufactured Ti6Al4V scaffolds with the RF-magnetron sputter deposited hydroxyapatite coating. In Journal of Physics: Conference Series.    

Surmenev, R. , Surmeneva, M. , Chudinova, E. , Koptioug, A. , Melnikova, E. , Skoglund, P. , Prymak, O. , Epple, M. & et al. (2016). Surface modification of additive manufactured titanium with CaP, Ag nanoparticles and ultrathin HA coating. In Proceedings BIOMAH-2016.

Andersson, F. , Skoglund, P. , Viktorsson, J. & Ainegren, M. (2015). A Portable Douglas Bag System. In Congress Proceedings : ICSNS 2015.. pp. 59-

Chudinova, E. , Surmeneva, M. , Koptyug, A. , Skoglund, P. , Sharanova, A. , Loza, K. , Epple, M. & Surmenev, R. (2015). Hydroxyapatite coating and silver nanoparticles assemblies on additively manufactured Ti6Al4V scaffolds. Paper presented at the Local conference, Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tomsk, Russia  

Skoglund, P. , Lund Ohlsson, M. & Danvind, J. (2013). Lower Leg Prosthesis for Cross-Country Skiing Classical Technique. Paper presented at the International Paralympic Committee VISTA2013 Scientific Conference, Bonn, 2013, Equipment & Technology in Paralympic Sports